Gender and Sexuality Furman University

Engaging diversity is not limited to our encounters with people from different regional, class, racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. Meaningful difference comes about as well because people experience their genders and sexualities differently from the ways others do. We recognize and celebrate such differences, and provide a number of support services that foster the well-being and happiness of women, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and queer students.

furman pride alliance (FPA)

A group for students who do not identify with society’s normative gender or sexual roles and their allies, the FPA provides a social space where students can feel free to express their gender and sexual identifications in a non-judgmental environment and receive support from other students. Connect with FPA.

Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Resource Center

Serving as a resource center for the study and exploration of women’s and gender issues as well as sexuality, the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Resource Center provides students guidance as they confront issues related to gender and sexuality and gives them an inviting place to meet for discussion and study.

Safe Zone Program

Relaunched in Fall 2017, Furman’s Safe Zone Program helps insure that there will be faculty and staff members across the university trained in providing non-judgmental support and guidance for students who want to explore issues about their sexuality or gender in a one-on-one environment. To identify a safe zone, look for an official Furman safe zone decal displayed in the office of our faculty or staff members. Learn more.​

Resources Guide for Transgender Students and Allies

Furman University does not discriminate on the basis of gender identity. Moreover, it strives toward an inclusive community that all students can experience consistent with their gender identity. Gender identity and its expression may develop at a different pace for each individual. Consequently, the University created a guide to inform students of their options. Students may pick and choose from this guide the resources that best fit their needs; accordingly, utilizing one office's resources does not automatically result in all University offices becoming aware of a student's gender identity. The extent to which individuals take advantage of these resources is designed to be self-determinate, which empowers students to select when, how, and to whom gender identity is disclosed. You can find the Resources Guide for Transgender Students and Allies  here.

LGBTQ Committee

The LGBTQ Committee is an administrative committee composed of faculty, students, and staff that provides guidance and advocacy within the university on issues related to the well-being of Furman’s LGBTQ communities.

Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention Committee

The Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention Committee includes faculty, staff, students, and citizens from around Greenville committed to educating the campus community about sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape. While always working to prevent such incidents from occurring, the committee also educates the campus about resources and support for survivors of sexual assault. Learn how we can help.


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