Transgender Students

Furman University does not discriminate on the basis of gender identity. Moreover, it strives toward an inclusive community that all students can experience consistent with their gender identity. Gender identity and its expression may develop at a different pace for each individual. Consequently, the University created this guide to inform students of their options. Students may pick and choose from this guide the resources that best fit their needs; accordingly, utilizing one office's resources does not necessarily result in all offices listed below becoming aware of a student's gender identity. The extent to which individuals take advantage of these resources is designed to be self-determinate, which empowers students to select when, how, and to whom gender identity is disclosed.

Applying to Furman University
Applicants to Furman University can disclose their gender identity via The Common Application by completing the gender identity section. Disclosure of gender identity will have no bearing on a student’s admission decision. The Admissions Office will not share a student’s gender identity with Housing and Residence Life for the room assignment process unless requested to do so. For more information, contact Allyson Brown, Director for Multicultural Recruitment, or call 864.294.2034.

Changing Gender, Name, and/or Title in University Records
Prospective and current students may make changes to their University record by contacting Enrollment Services.

Gender changes are made upon request by the student. 

Enrollment Services will change the student’s preferred name and/or title (to Mr., Ms., Mrs., or gender-neutral Mx.) upon request by the student. For all students, Enrollment Services will change a student’s given first and last name only with proof of a legally executed change.

These changes will alter the student’s information in nearly all University records. A student’s gender is not shared with anyone external to the university without the student’s permission; it is only shared internally with employees who need the information in order to perform their job duties. Faculty will receive gender, title, and preferred name information on class rolls. For more information, contact  Enrollment Services or call 864-294-2030.

Changing Residential Room/Apartment Assignments
Furman will provide students housing consistent with their gender identity. Prospective and current students may contact Housing and Residence Life to disclose their gender identity and request assignment to a male or female residence hall/apartment. Transgender students will be treated no differently than any other student in the assignments process. Once assigned, a student may use residence hall/apartment bathroom facilities consistent with their gender identity and room assignment.

Housing and Residence Life keeps a student’s disclosed gender identity confidential and will share it only with employees who need the information in order to perform their job duties. A transgender student may choose whether to disclose gender identity information to a roommate. 

Beginning in 2016, certain residence halls will be staffed with Resident Assitants for Inclusion, Solidarity, and Equity (RAISE). These resident assistants receive specialized training—including Safe Zone training—that allows them to serve as allies for students. For more information, contact Teddi Walker, Associate Director of Residence Life, or call 864.294.3036.

Connect with Other Students & Advisors
The Center for Inclusive Communities advises Furman’s Student Diversity Council and works closely with the student organization FPA, Furman Pride Alliance. In addition to supporting Furman’s historically underrepresented students, the office also hosts a number of programs that invite all students to think critically about topics related to diversity and inclusion. For more information, contact Deborah Allen, Associate Director of Diversity Engagement and Manager of the Center, or call 864.294.2267.

Using Public Restrooms
Upon notifying Enrollment Services of a gender change in the University record, transgender students may use any public bathroom consistent with their gender identity. Moreover, gender neutral bathrooms are located in the Dining Hall, Estridge Commons, Infirmary, Library, Music Building, Physical Activity Center, Shi Center, and Trone Student Center.

Using Locker Rooms
Upon notifying Enrollment Services of a gender change in the University record, transgender students may use a locker room consistent with their gender identity. 

Student Athletes

For questions regarding, NCAA Student-Athletes, notice should be given to either Elaine Baker, Associate Athletics Director/Senior Woman Administrator, or Mike Buddie, Director of Athletics. 

Student and Allies

Harassing or discriminating behavior on the basis of a student’s gender or gender identity is unacceptable at Furman and a violation of Furman’s Sexual Misconduct Policy. If you believe you have been harassed or discriminated against or if you have witnessed such behavior, you are encouraged to make a report to the University’s Title IX Coordinator. To file a Title IX report, contact Melissa Nichols or call 864.294.2221. Learn more about the Title IX process.

There are several great online resources providing help with gender pronouns, tips for allies, and answers to frequently asked questions.  If you would like to learn more, or have a friend, faculty member, or other person who has asked for more information, we have listed some of those online resources below:

For more information or questions about the above policies, please contact Furman’s Title IX Coordinator, Melissa Nichols, or call 864.294.2221.


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