North Village Waiting List

Below are answers to questions for students who are eligible but may not be assigned to North Village. Housing & Residence Life encourages these students to read through this information so they can be fully informed and prepared for the next step. We apologize that there are students who may fall into this category.


Housing & Residence Life
I want to talk to someone in Housing & Residence Life about my situation.

We invite you to attend an informational meeting on Monday, April 8 at 4:00 p.m. in the Thomas Room, Trone Student Center. Housing & Residence Life staff will be available to answer all your questions.

Is there a waiting list for North Village?

Yes, Housing & Residence Life will maintain a waiting list for North Village. While it is extremely rare for entire apartments to come available, it is common for random bedrooms to come available over the course of the summer. Priority for filling these rooms is given based on the lottery number for students who participated in the housing lottery on the North Village Shared Bedroom day. If a student did not participate that day, they can contact Housing and request to be added to the list, but their name will be added after those who did participate. When a space becomes available, the next student on the list will be offered the assignment. If the student declines, then the next student on the list will be offered the assignment and so on. We encourage students in groups to have a discussion now about how they will choose within their group who gets to accept an open space in North Village (if one were to be offered). It is better to have this plan in place before an opening is offered. This waiting list process only applies during the summer for fall semester assignments.

Why are there not enough spaces in North Village for all third-year students?

Since North Village opened in 1998, most years there have been third-year students living in the residence halls. The simple reason that not all third-year students can live in North Village is because there are more beds in the residence halls than there are freshman and sophomores. Since Furman is a tuition-driven institution, Housing & Residence Life is expected to maintain a minimum occupancy (this means that a certain number of beds must be filled).

Who can I voice my concerns to about changing this minimum occupancy that Housing & Residence Life must maintain?

While Furman University is open to feedback from students and parents, it is a University commitment to be a residential campus. Reducing the minimum housing occupancy would result in an additional increase in tuition and board costs.

Why doesn't Furman just build another North Village building?

There are enough beds for all Furman students. Again, there are more beds in the residence halls than there are freshman and sophomores, thus the need for some third-year students to live in the residence halls.

Why not just put more seniors at The Vinings?

Putting more seniors at The Vinings would create vacancies in residence halls. Housing and Residence Life is expected to maintain a minimum occupancy.

Who can I talk to about the "fairness" of the Housing Lottery process?

Housing & Residence Life approaches the Residential Life Council (RLC) and the Student Government Association (SGA) each year to engage discussion about the lottery process. If students believe the lottery process is unfair, we encourage these students to take their concerns to one of these organizations that have the ability to influence change.

Why doesn't the University just let third-year students who do not get a North Village assignment live off-campus instead of requiring them to live in the residence halls?

Furman has a four-year residency requirement. While we understand that some students will not be completely satisfied with their assignment, the University will not release third-year students who are not assigned to North Village from living in campus housing. Again, Housing & Residence Life is expected to maintain a minimum occupancy.

Why did Furman promise me as a prospective student that I would get to live in North Village as a third- and fourth-year student?

Housing & Residence Life does everything possible to communicate to students and parents that North Village is NOT guaranteed to third- and fourth-year students. It is stated in The Helmsman, on the Housing website, and in all literature communicated regarding assignments. However, we do acknowledge that student ambassadors giving tours to prospective students and parents may inadvertently imply that all third- and fourth-year students live in North Village when they say, "This is North have to be a junior or senior to live there." Housing & Residence Life and Admissions work together to train student ambassadors, but every tour cannot be monitored by University officials. We apologize if you feel you were promised North Village as a third-year student.

I requested the option to pay to reserve my space while studying away next fall. Since I was not assigned in North Village, do I still have to pay to reserve my space in the residence halls?

No, you may withdraw that request by submitting an email to You will not want to proceed through the remainder of the lottery process and plan to get assigned next November. Housing and Residence Life will contact you via email next fall to make arrangements. You may read more about this in the Policies and Procedures.

I refuse to live in the residence halls next year.  What should I do next?

While we understand your frustration, you are still expected to live on-campus next year. Therefore, you need to continue through the remainder of the lottery process. You still have priority over the rising sophomores. If you boycott the rest of the process, you will end up on a waiting list and be assigned over the summer, most likely in the residence halls. Therefore, it is in your best interest to choose the residence hall space you prefer with the roommate(s) you prefer. Otherwise, your options will be VERY limited when you get assigned over the summer.

Will there be students that do not get an assignment anywhere on campus once the housing lottery is completed?

Yes. In support of the University's budgetary goals, Housing & Residence Life must make every effort to see that campus housing is filled to capacity throughout the year. This goal cannot be achieved if everyone is assigned housing during the regular assignment process spring semester. Otherwise, those who decide (between May and August) to withdraw from the university will leave empty spaces. It is estimated that between 30-40 men and 30-40 women will be placed on a waiting list and assigned campus housing once attrition and the consolidation of those left without roommates has occurred. In most cases, Housing & Residence Life will make waiting list assignments in early August. By waiting until most activity has occurred, Housing & Residence Life can try to keep waiting list students in roommate pairs and assign them in preferred areas.

Can I fill-in for someone who is studying away next fall and figure something out for spring later?

Yes, you can make this arrangement if the student is studying away the ENTIRE fall semester. However, you cannot fill-in for a student that is on a partial semester trip or has requested to pay to reserve their fall semester space while studying away. If an arrangement is made between students for you to remove yourself from the waiting list by filling in, all parties involved must e-mail Keep in mind that there will be very few vacancies in North Village for spring semester, so you may be assigned back to the residence halls with limited options regarding location and roommate.

Why did Furman build shared bedroom apartments anyway?

The University originally planned to build all private bedrooms back in 1998. Ironically, students on the planning committee requested the shared bedroom option so students could have a choice. That is why phase II and III were built without shared bedrooms (because of the popularity of private rooms). It is too costly to convert the shared bedrooms into private bedrooms at this time.

Am I going to have to pay for a meal plan if I live in the residence halls?

ALL resident students will be defaulted to a meal plan for next year. Please refer to the Meal Plan Requirements on the Student Business Center's website for more information about the meal plan default, meal plan costs and how to change your meal plan.

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