Lottery Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Vinings part of the Housing Lottery?

Yes, The Vinings Lottery will occur on Tuesday, March 17. Click on The Vinings Lottery for more information.

Who is eligible to live in North Village?

Eligibility for North Village is based on the year you entered college, not academic credits. Students who started college in the fall of 2012 or earlier are eligible to live in North Village. If you are a transfer student and entered Furman after the fall of 2011, you might be eligible to live in North Village. North Village is NOT guaranteed for all juniors and seniors.

What does priority mean?

Priority for students who submit requests for housing will be based on the year each person entered college for the first time. For example, a group consisting of four students who entered college in the fall of 2011 will have the most priority for North Village. A group consisting of a mixture of those who entered in the fall of 2011 and the fall of 2012 will be next on the priority list. Students who entered college earlier than the fall of 2011 will not provide additional priority for a group. They, too, will be treated as fourth-year students. One's official classification through the Academic Records office and the number of academic hours one has earned will have no bearing on your housing assignment.

How does the lottery number work?

To further determine a group's priority, a random number will be computer-generated when the group submits their request on-line. This number is used to rank order groups even further. The request of the group/individual with the lowest number will be considered first, then the group/individual with the next lowest number, and so on.

What if I can't find a roommate?

Utilize the Roommate Finder Discussion Board on OrgSync to find a roommate. Be sure to "join now". You can then simply "log in", select "Communications" and "Discussion" to post a message or review messages. Roommate finder has proven to be a helpful tool in the past; therefore, it is recommended that students utilize it to secure roommates for the lottery process.

If you cannot find a roommate by the last room selection day (April 2), you will not be able to participate in the on-line room lottery and you will be contacted by Housing & Residence Life after the lottery is completed. You will be placed on the waiting list or placed in a room that is available. A meeting for those placed on the waiting list will occur on Wednesday, April 16 at 4:00 p.m. in the Thomas Room, Trone Student Center.

Which buildings are being refurbished this summer?

Lakeside Housing (except for Gambrell and Chiles)

Can less than four people still apply for North Village?

To submit a lottery request, you must enter a housing code (available in WebAdvisor under the Housing & Residence Life section) for every space provided on Screen #1. The system will not allow you to enter the lottery without the required number of students. Therefore, groups with less than four people cannot apply for North Village.

What if I forget to participate in the Housing lottery?

If you forget to participate on the appropriate day, you will not be eligible for that type of housing. For instance, if you forget to submit a request for North Village on March 23-26, you will not be able to live there next year. You will need to participate on one of the remaining days. If you do not participate on any of the remaining days, you will need to attend the Waiting List meeting on Tuesday, April 7 at 4:00 p.m. in the Burgiss Theatre, Trone Student Center.

Are the rooms and apartments listed going to change?

Yes. The list of available rooms and apartments will be adjusted up until each specified lottery day. Please check the list of available rooms for males or females right before you enter the room selection site in order to make an informed decision.

How do I know if I am eligible to participate in the Housing lottery?

MyFurman Portal under Check Lottery Eligibility to make sure you are eligible. Then Check Roommate Eligibility to make sure the people you are submitting your request with are eligible. You will need each roommate's housing code to check their eligibility. This step is VERY IMPORTANT. Do not run the risk of skipping this step. You could encounter problems when making your lottery entry that cannot be resolved in time to process your request.

What if I am going on study away the Fall semester and someone is living in my place for me? How do we list our names in the online submission?

This option applies to students studying away or on a leave of absence the ENTIRE fall semester.  If you find another student who is willing to live in and pay for your space for fall semester only, that student's name should be submitted in the online request, and your name should be provided in the comments section on Screen #2 as the person who will live in the space for spring. (If the space is at North Village, the student must be a rising third-year or fourth-year student)

How much does it cost for Housing next year?

Check the Housing Rates.

How do I find out my room assignment?

You may check to see if you received an assignment in MyFurman Portal under Verify Assignment Status after the results are made available. If you did not receive an assignment, you will want to participate on another day.

Can a student change rooms or roommates after their assignment has been made?

Students are not allowed to change rooms, roommates, or switch assignments with other students. If you decline your assignment, you will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list and reassigned later this summer.

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