"Early Arrivals" are students who are granted special permission to move into their on-campus housing assignments before their designated check-in dates. For a variety of reasons, Furman University restricts the number of students allowed to check-in early. The designated check-in days are published in the Academic Calendar. These dates are not established by the Housing and Residence Life department but are determined by the senior administration of the University. Please contact the Housing and Residence Life office at (864) 294-2092 if you have any questions regarding the Early Arrivals process.

Who is granted permission to return to campus early?

Only groups or individuals whose functions are institutionally requested and operationally necessary enough to require arriving early, and whose leaders make prior arrangements areallowed to do move-in prior to the published move-in dates. These students are typically required to return early to campus for University sponsored practices, planning meetings, rehearsals, or games. All groups must request and be granted permission to be early arrivals according to the Early Arrivals Group Guidelines.

Please note: Arriving back to campus housing early is a privilege and is not guaranteed. The University does not officially open for the academic year until the dates published within the academic calendar. Students returning early should be aware that campus dining facilities may not yet be open and campus programs will not yet have started. The University is therefore not prepared for or responsible for providing dining or other necessary support, or entertainment options for students who are permitted to arrive early.

Early Arrivals Group Information

In order for a group to receive permission to move in early, the group coordinator must submit a request to Mr. Ron Thompson, Director of Housing and Residence Life, for review. Given the amount of requests as well as the campus housing summer maintenance and renovations schedule, group coordinators should understand it is not possible to arrive any earlier than the date for which they are approved. The group coordinator is required to provide Housing and Residence Life with an accurate electronic roster of all students who are part of the approved early arrivals group.

Once students are approved as members of an Early Arrivals group, the group coordinator will notify students regarding the specific date, time, and location they may check in and receive their keys. Group coordinators are expected to take responsibility for ensuring that their group members have been informed of the official arrival date and should confer with Housing and Residence Life regarding any changes to a student's official arrival date.Students who are unable to check in during the date and time designated for their group must contact their group coordinator. Their group coordinator will work with the Housing and Residence Life Office to determine whether or not their needs can be accommodated.

Housing and Residence Life makes every effort to accommodate the desire of students in Early Arrivals Groups to move directly into their fall assignments. However, group coordinators and students should realize this is not a guarantee. Due to annual summer maintenance and renovation schedules, as well as summer camps and summer conferences, there may be cases where it is simply not possible to place students directly into their fall assignment on their specific early arrival date. In this event, students will be placed in a temporary housing assignment until their rooms become available.

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Individual Early Arrivals Information

Please note that no individual student will be given permission to arrive on campus prior to the dates published on the official Academic Calendar unless they are a resident already living in campus summer housing or a student who is part of a Furman group required to be on campus prior to that date.

Individual students will only be granted permission to move in early if a university administrator requests their early arrival for a reason(s) that/which is/are clearly operationally necessary. Students and families are expected to make travel arrangements based on the official check-in dates listed on the Academic Calendar and may make use of the nearby off-campus hotels prior to these official check-in dates. Requests for individual early arrrivals must be received no later than 14 business days prior to the requested arrival date and should provide a detailed reason why an individual should be permitted to move into their room early.

Students who are part of an approved Early Arrivals group who are requesting to arrive earlier than that group's previously approved arrival date should refer to one of the nearby off-campus hotels to arrange for a room prior to their designated arrival date. 

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