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At Furman, we have a deferred recruitment process. That means you’ll have a chance to find your social and academic niche before deciding whether or not you want to join a sorority. When you're ready to pursue membership in a sorority in the spring, be sure to review our process and guidelines.

We typically have 300 women who go through the recruitment process, so be sure to keep your options open. Even if you have a family member who was in a specific chapter, that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a spot—or that it’s the right chapter for you. You’re welcome to provide letters of recommendation to a specific sorority, but they are not required and each chapter weighs these letters differently. Be sure to send it directly to the chapter.


Any student with at least 12 credits earned at Furman can participate in the recruitment process. If you choose to go through recruitment, you’ll have to attend all the recruitment events. You’ll only be excused to miss an event if you have an official university conflict, such as athletic team practices, marching band, or cheerleading. We won’t be able to excuse you if you have work or travel, so be sure to plan ahead.

Recruitment process

Over two weekends, sororities will invite women to attend their party for each round, and potential new members will also select the chapters to which they would most like to join. We actually bring women participating back to campus early to minimize the academic distraction recruitment could and can create. If you are participating this year, you need to return to campus by January 9, 2019. There is a registration fee to participate in recruitment, which helps the Panhellenic Council cover its costs. This fee is non-refundable. 

Registration will open on October 1, 2018.

  • Open house: During the first round of recruitment, you’ll get a chance to visit each sorority and find out more about the organization and its women. This is a casual round where jeans, khakis, and comfortable shoes are appropriate. 
  • Sisterhood round: You may be invited by as many as four sororities for this round. At each party, you'll watch a presentation about the sorority, including in-depth information about what it means to make a commitment to that sorority.  Information includes financial, time, and academic obligations, as well as other information that is unique to the specific chapter.  You should wear a casual dress, skirt outfit, or black pants and a nice top.
  • Preference tea: You may be invited by as many as two sororities for a preference tea ceremony. Typically, you'll hear a testimony from current members about what the organization means to them. This is the most formal round and you should wear a cocktail dress and dress shoes.
  • Bid day: You will meet with your recruitment counselor group to receive your bid in the morning. You will then join your new sorority sisters to meet up with your new member class and have a quick community celebration. After the Bid Day Celebration, you'll go out with your sorority for individual chapter celebrations. These typically happen off-campus. You should wear bottoms and a tank top to bid day, because you'll be given a tee shirt from your sorority that you'll wear to the celebration. Remember, even if you receive a bid, you’re not obligated to join a sorority.

For 2019, the dates are currently scheduled as follows:

  • Potential members return: January 9 after 2 pm
  • Open House: January 10
  • Sisterhood Round: January 11
  • Preference Tea: January 12
  • Bid Day: January 13


Still want to know more? Check out our complete 2018-19 Panhellenic Recruitment Guide.​

2018-19 Panhellenic Recruitment Guide​

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