Global Poverty Engaged Living Furman University
Examine the marginalizations that exist in society, especially those caused by poverty and racism.
Understand marginalization from many different vantage points: what is marginalization, what causes it, what is the experience of being marginalized. Explore both the individual components and social components of marginalization: what is does it feel like to be marginalized, what role does marginalization play in society, is marginalization necessary, can it be controlled. Consider ethical aspects of marginalization: What are the ethical questions raised by a society in which people are excluded from opportunities?  Should society work to overcome marginalization?  What efforts, individual and social, would work? 

This program will challenge you to develop a keener appreciation of the meaning of injustice and how one could/should respond to it while grappling with the question of how your talents and energies can contribute to making the world a better, more human and humane place. Get plugged into the Greenville community and witness poverty firsthand through visits to local agencies such as the Frazee Dream Center, Greenville Literacy Association, or United Ministries, all of which deal directly with impoverished people on a daily basis, and gain insight into the human context of poverty issues.


Students in this program will have the opportunity to explore one of the largest, most vibrant minors at Furman. PVS 101 serves as the gateway course for the Poverty Studies Minor, one of Furman's most popular minors. While there is no assumption that students in the program will be expected to complete this minors, should students decide to enroll in the minor, they will be well positioned for early completion of the minor since they will have started it so early in their time at Furman. This minor also pairs easily with most majors and/or with each other, and it is unusual for first-year students to have exclusive access and exposure to high demand courses such as these until later in their Furman experience.

Fall: PVS 101: Introduction to Poverty Studies (which is an elective and serves as the introductory requirement for the Poverty Studies Minor) provides the definition, scope, and measurement of poverty; experiences and effects of living in poverty; individual and structural causes; rights, claims, and obligations regarding poverty; and successes and failures in the alleviation of poverty.

Spring: PHL 101: Introduction to Philosophy (which fulfills the Ultimate Questions GER) introduces some of the classic problems of philosophy, with emphasis on understanding the nature of philosophical reflection and reasoning. The specific section associated with this program tackles directly questions about the meaning of life and how you might go about investigating what you should do with your life.

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