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Counseling Center services

The Counseling Center’s mission is to provide mental health care for the campus community through direct therapeutic services and mental health consultations.


Undergraduate day students who are currently enrolled in courses are eligible to receive therapeutic services. Students, faculty and staff may seek consultation regarding concerns related to mental health. There is no charge for Counseling Center services.

Direct therapeutic services

Individual counseling

Counseling is a confidential process of exploring your concerns and helping you achieve your goals. Typical goals include increasing self understanding, developing coping skills, improving interpersonal relationships, enhancing academic performance or alleviating emotional distress. Clients of the Counseling Center are initially seen by one of the therapist staff for an intake evaluation session. You and your therapist will work together to develop a plan to help you reach your goals. 

Adjunctive therapies

Counseling Center clients in some cases may benefit from group therapy, nutritional counseling or psychiatric medications. The Counseling Center provides limited services in these areas and offers nutritional counseling and psychiatric services through contracted professionals who are on campus during designated time periods each week. Referral to these providers must be arranged by the student’s Counseling Center therapist. Adjunctive services are intended to support the therapy process and are not available for students who are not therapy clients of the Counseling Center.

Group counseling
Depending on the need and opportunity, group sessions may be offered for particular issues or concerns. For example, a group focusing on eating and body image issues is often provided.

Nutritional counseling

A registered dietitian is available for approximately 6 hours per week during the 9-month school year to provide nutritional counseling for students with concerns related to eating, diet and body image.

Psychiatric consultation

Two psychiatrists are contracted to provide up to 6 hours of psychiatric medical consultation to students each week during the 9-month school year.

Service limitations

The Counseling Center’s therapist staff are licensed mental health professionals who are capable of providing primary care for the majority of student needs. However, our staff must also maintain availability on their schedules so that others can receive counseling throughout the school year. Therefore, Counseling Center therapy services are time-limited in scope. As a general rule, student clients may receive up to 12 counseling sessions per academic year. If you need regular sessions without any limits, you may be referred to mental health providers in the community. If you need specialized services that could be better provided by another agency or service provider, a referral to community professionals will be recommended and facilitated by the Counseling Center.

Consultation services

The Counseling Center provides consultation to the Furman University community regarding mental health questions or concerns. Students, faculty or staff may contact the Counseling Center to speak with a therapist about matters of interest or concern. Consultations are usually arranged through scheduled appointments or in some cases may be provided by telephone.

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