Instructions for completing Travel/Request/Travel Expense Report
The Travel Request/Travel Expense Report is a two part form. Part One should be completed prior to all university business travel. It becomes an official record of the business nature of your trip for IRS purposes. Part Two should be completed within thirty days of the completion of your trip.

The university travel form is an EXCEL spreadsheet. Please complete all sections of the form per instructions below.
    Part One - Travel Request (Pre-Trip)
    • Name – Insert your full name.
    • Department – Include your department name.
    • Travel Voucher # - Leave blank. This number is assigned by the travel office.
    • Destination – Place to which you will travel. Indicate if you will travel to more than one location.
    • Purpose of Trip – Please be specific. (Page two is provided for detail.)
    • Dates of Travel – Insert the dates the trip will begin and end.
    • Estimated Cost - Enter the estimated total cost of the trip.
    (Faculty should complete the estimated cost detail on page two of the form.)
    • Dean’s Approved Amount (Faculty) – Leave blank. The Dean’s office will enter your approved travel amount.
    • Account # - Insert the primary account number to be charged for all travel expenses. If a secondary account is funding your trip, please enter the number in the second cell.
    • Notes – Include any special requests or information regarding the trip.
    • When Part One is completed, the form should be forwarded by email to the Budget Unit Head for approval. Upon approval the Budget Unit Head should forward the document (1) to the Travel Coordinator if departmental travel or (2) to the Dean’s office if travel will be funded by the Dean.
    • The Travel Coordinator or the Dean’s office will assign a travel voucher number and return a copy of your approved voucher to you.
    Part Two - Travel Expense Report

    NOTE: All original receipts over $25 for charges made to the university tap card should be included with the monthly tap card statement. A copy of these receipts should be attached to the expense report. All original cash receipts over $25 should be included with the expense report.
    • Dates – Insert date(s) in spaces provided for each date of travel.
    • Lodging & Hotel – Insert actual charges.
    • Tips – Include tips to hotel workers. Receipts not required.
    • Meals – Enter actual cost for each meal including tips. If travelers pay for the meal of another person, include in “substantiation” section the person’s name, title, university/company name, and cost of meal.
    • Registration – Enter the amount paid for workshop registration, etc.
    • Entertainment – Enter actual daily costs and explain in “Substantiation” section all pertinent details of business discussed prior to, during and after entertainment.
    • Travel Miles – The Sustainability Office requires detailed information on accumulated travel miles. Enter separately your airline miles and rental vehicle miles. Website links are included in these cells to assist with determining this entry. Personal miles will be auto-populated from the personal mileage reimbursement line.
    • Air Fare/Rail – Enter amount paid.
    • Auto Rental – Enter amount paid.
    • Gas for Rental Car – Enter all gasoline charges for rental car.
    • Local Transportation (Taxi, Bus) – Enter amount paid.
    • Tolls/Parking – Enter actual charges for tolls and/or parking.
    • Mileage amount – Enter the actual miles driven using your personal car. The Travel Expense Report will calculate your reimbursement at the current university rate.
    • Telephone/Fax/Internet – Enter actual charges.
    • Miscellaneous – Enter amount for all purchases. Provide explanation in the “Substantiation” section.
    • The Travel Expense Report will calculate the total cost of your trip and determine the employee reimbursement amount or the amount due Furman University.

    Submitting Your Report

    • Print the Travel Expense Report, attach all required receipts, a copy of your conference agenda or schedule-at-glance, sign your report and forward the hard copy to your Budget Unit Head for approval.
    • The Budget Unit Head will approve and forward the Travel Expense Report with required documentation to the Travel Coordinator’s office for auditing and processing.

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