Earth and Environmental Sciences Major Requirements Furman University

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in sustainability science is our newest degree program, and the only one of its kind at a liberal arts university. The curriculum is designed to provide students with a marketable skill set and a holistic, problem based, solution driven way of thinking that considers the complexity and feedbacks between social and environmental systems. Classes focus on addressing real world sustainability problems like food security, energy production, and access to clean water. The degree is rooted in the primacy of the environment and recognizes that the scale of human civilization is limited by our natural resources. The interconnected nature of the environment-society-economy relationships requires systems thinking to understand sustainability problems and develop solutions. Greenville provides a natural laboratory to consider appropriate solutions to real world sustainability challenges. The capstone of the B.S. degree is an original research project completed in collaboration with a faculty member, the results of which are presented at a local or national professional meeting.

Students who wish to earn the B.S. degree in sustainability science required to complete all of the following courses:

  • EES-112 Environmental Science
  • SUS-120 Principles of Sustainability Science
  • MTH-141 or MTH-150
  • SUS-240 Human Systems
  • SUS-241 Social Systems
  • SUS-242 Dynamic Systems Modeling
  • SUS-472 Research and Analysis
  • MTH-150 (or equivalent)
  • at least five additional courses from the list below with no more than three courses selected from any one group:

Environmental security
  • ANT-303 Cultural Ecology
  • BIO-340 Ecology

  • BIO-341 and 342 Tropical Ecology and Field Studies in Tropical Ecology

  • BIO-343/EES-343 Environmental Systems

  • BIO-344 African Ecology

  • BIO-380 Freshwater Ecology

  • BIO-401 Applied Plant Science

  • BIO-423 Marine Biology

  • BIO-430 Natural Resource Management
  • EES-201 Geographic Information Systems
  • EES-230 Watershed Hydrology

  • EES-301 Remote Sensing of the Environment
  • EES-343 Environmental Systems

  • EES-410 Ocean and Climate Systems
  • EST-301 Environment and Society

  • PSC-213 Environmental Policy

Human security
  • ECN-237 Economics of Poverty and Inequality
  • ENG-416 Environmental Writing

  • GGY-230 Principles of Geography

  • HSC-304 Community & Environmental Health
  • PHL-303  Environmental Ethics
  • PHL-304  Ethics of Globalization
  • PVS-101 Introduction to Poverty Studies
  • PSC-214 Environmental Law & Conservation Advocacy
  • REL-362 Religion & the Environment
  • SOC-222 Population & the Environment

Sustainable production and consumption
  • BUS-312 Sustainable Corporation

  • ECN-236 Economics of the Environment
  • ECN-243 Economic Growth & Development
  • PSC-227 Environmental Politics in China

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