Saving your ICE choices

So now you’ve finished the hard part. Pat yourself on the back. You have your choices entered into ICE, and now you’re ready to submit them.

Find the SAVE button at the bottom of the worksheet. Click this when you are ready to save your work and move on, either to submit your choices or come back to them later


When you click the save button you will end up in one of two places.

1. You saved your choices, but you’re back on the ICE screen with some red text at the top

Don’t give up yet! This probably just means that there’s a problem with one of your choices, and it will have to be removed to save your choices. The red text should identify which course is causing the problem, and what the issue is.

Here are the most common issues:

Prerequisite Failure: You have not completed all of the work necessary to be prepared for the course

  • Solution: Check the course in the catalog or through the course listings and see what the appropriate prerequisite is.
  • If you do not have the appropriate prerequisite, you should contact the instructor and see if they would be okay with you registering for the course anyways. If they agree, ask them to add you to the course through the department assistant.
  • If you do have the appropriate prerequisite and you are officially convinced ARMS is out to get you, please contact your friendly Academic Records staffers immediately or by phone at (864) 294-2030 and we can help you out.

Instructor Permission: The instructor has decided to handle registration outside of the ICE process

  • Solution: Contact the instructor of the course and see what you need to do to get enrolled.

Remember, you will need to remove the offending course to save your ICE choices. If you don’t remove the course causing problems, your ICE choices will not be saved! Fail!!

2. You are at another screen with several checkboxes. You have the option of e-mailing your choices to your advisor, or submitting your choices.

This is pretty self explanatory. For posterity's sake though, we’ll explain. You can check the box for “e-mail to my advisor” and this will send an e-mail with your ICE choices directly to (gasp) your advisor(s) who can look over your ICE choices to give you permission to submit your choices. You should also be able to see whether or not your advisor has given you this permission.

If you have permission to submit your choices, you will see a message that tells you your choices have been successfully submitted.

If you do not yet have your advisor’s permission to submit your ICE choices, you will get the following message:

You must consult with your advisor before you may submit this worksheet.

If you do not yet have your advisor’s permission to submit your ICE choices, it’s a good idea to contact them early in the process to see how to get that permission. Take our advice, your advisor probably won’t be on campus 4:45PM on the day your ICE choices will be due, so get in touch with them early to get permission.

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