Entering your ICE choices

Here’s the part where many students begin to hyperventilate. Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it looks. With this simple guideline, you can successfully enter your ICE choices without mental anguish and suffering. Let’s get started.

Here’s a picture of the ICE entry screen: 


Take a look at number 1 with three rows below it. We call this an ICE block. ICE is going to look first at what you have entered in 1A, then if you cannot be registered for that course, it will move to 1B, and if there’s no luck there, it will move to 1C. If you get the course you entered in 1A, the system will ignore what you entered in 1B and 1C and look at the next block beginning at 2A.

Now let’s look at some good strategies for entering your courses:

Scenario 1: I have a rank order of what I want to take, but I don’t really care what combination I get

Here’s some courses that I want to take in the order of my interest: ECN-100-01 IDS-240-01 BIO-101-01 SOC-101-02 HES-101-05 PSY-111-08 CHM-101-03

If I have my courses rank ordered by interest, here’s a good strategy for entering them into ICE.

1A ECN-100-01
1B IDS-240-01
1C BIO-101-01

2A IDS-240-01
2B BIO-101-01
2C SOC-101-02

3A BIO-101-01
3B SOC-101-02
3C HES-101-05

4A SOC-101-02
4B BIO-101-01
4C HES-101-05

Or, this would work just as well…

1A ECN-100-01
1B ***blank***
1C ***blank***

2A IDS-240-01
2B ***blank***
2C ***blank***

3A BIO-101-01
3B ***blank***
3C ***blank***

4A SOC-101-02
4B ***blank***
4C ***blank***

5A HES-101-05
5B ***blank***
5C ***blank***


Do you see the patterns? This is a pretty good strategy if you just have a rank order of courses that you want to take, and aren’t too worried about the combination on your schedule. That’s common, but some semester you’ll probably need to employ Scenario 2.

Scenario 2: I need a specific kind of course, but I don’t want two of the same kind of course

In many cases, you’ll probably want to balance your schedule out a little, like when you know that you want to take a science course to meet the Natural World (NW) GER, but you don’t want two. Here’s that option:

1A BIO-101-01
1B CHM-101-05
1C PHY-101-07

If you list the sciences courses in the same block, you will only get one. ICE isn’t going to register you for two courses in the same block, because you will get (1A) or (1B) or (1C).

“any section of this course” versus “only this section”

This is also a point in the process that can cause some grief. No worries though, it works exactly like you think it would. When you choose “any section of this course” the section that you entered will be checked first. Let’s say you want to get HES-101 this term, but you’re a little worried because you heard somewhere you should avoid Dr. Mario who is teaching HES-101-04. Here’s what you would enter:

1A HES-101-01 (only this section)
1B HES-101-02 (only this section)
1C HES-101-03 (only this section)

Alternately, let’s say that you want to take Dr. Mario’s section, but you know that you need to take HES-101 regardless, so if you don’t get HES-101-04 you’re willing to take it with another professor at a different time. Here’s what you would enter:

1A HES-101-04 (any section of this course)

Since you entered HES-101-04 as your choice, ICE will try to put you into the “-04” section first. If there aren’t any spaces or there is a time conflict, it will look at the other sections of HES-101 and see if you can be added to any of those. You don’t have to enter the other sections, because by choosing “any section of this course” you have saved yourself some time and effort. Aren’t you smart and efficient?

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