Well, it's finally here, the senior year. You don't know who is more excited, you or your student. Then again, your student may not be as excited as you think as they prepare to leave friends and the familiarity of campus life to embark on the "real world." You may think your support is no longer needed, nor desired, but you can rest assured that your student will still be looking for guidance.

Senior year issues

  • Lack of motivation to go to, or prepare for, classes(sometimes called "senioritis")
  • Take the first step in job or graduate school search
  • Awareness of academic strengths and weaknesses
  • For some, will wish they had prioritized academics earlier in their college career
  • Priority on developing relationships with professors for purpose of career advising and job referencing
  • Fear of leaving the comfort and stability of college relationships
  • Friendship circle tightens as peers prepare to say good-bye
  • Redefine relationship with family
  • Feel a sense of "job search" competition
  • Anxiety about how loans are going to be paid
  • Worry about immediate costs such as insurance, car, and living arrangements
  • Concerns about future salary, and the role it will play in career decisions
  • Prepare to manage own finances
  • For some, realizing debt has piled up over the college years
  • Take time to savor friendships and campus life
  • Pressure of living up to expectations of parents, family, peers, or faculty
  • Ability to demonstrate and communicate skills gained through co-curricular involvements
Provide these tips to your senior:
  • Take a class, not necessarily related to your major, for fun
  • Make plans to spend intentional time with friends
  • Take steps to plan for the job search:
    • Visit Career Services
    • Continually update resume
    • Confirm and stay in touch with references
    • Attend mock-interviews
    • Purchase interviewing attire
  • Visit the Financial Aid Office for account information
  • Breathe! Don't panic, just take baby steps
Warning signs of senioritis

Not sure if your student is experiencing senioritis? Consider these warning signs:

  • Looking most forward to…graduation.
  • Complains that they don't need to know a particular course.
  • Skips more classes than attends.
  • Tends to extend class deadlines to fit social schedule.
  • Burned out on co-curricular activities and involvements.
  • Plans on securing a job before the end of the second-semester, so those course grades don't really matter.

If you have heard one or more of these excuses, your student is suffering from an acute case of senioritis.

Source: eCampusTours.com atwww.ecampustours.com/collegeplanning/senioritis.aspx

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