Study Away Committee
Annual Report 2012-2013

The Study Away Committee met 9 times during this academic year, and evaluated and approved a total of 24 study away programs. We met one time in late August for an introductory meeting, three times in September to evaluate MayX 2013 Study Away proposals, twice in October to discuss semester programs, and three times in spring. In our first meeting I distributed printouts of the policies governing the committee, and explained operating procedures of the committee for the benefit of new members. I invited Nancy Georgiev and Sharon Moshure from the Study Away office to discuss the best way to access proposals. It was decided that moodle would be the best platform since we were all familiar with it. The committee also gave suggestions regarding how to access new proposals and proposals from the previous year. The process for submitting proposals was established in the following way: directors send by email their proposals and budgets as attachments to Sharon Moushure, and then she makes them available to the committee in moodle. The new system has proved to be very effective.

During our meetings in the Fall, we discussed 2013-2014 study away program proposals, and most of them were approved. The Committee Chair and Dean Khandke followed up with the directors of those proposals for which the committee had questions. Revised proposals from this process were discussed by email or at the next meeting and eventually approved.

We also approved two requests for Study Away Program Development Grants from Dr. Mark Stone (PHY), who is planning a May X 2014 program in Japan, and Dr. John Barrington (HST), to visit the Edinburgh Internship program before he directs it in Spring 2014.

During the Spring, the Committee reviewed the forms for proposing programs in light of questions that had been raised during our meetings. The committee worked together with the Office of Study Away, and following our suggestions, Nancy Georgiev, Assistant Director, designed new forms that will start being used for the 2014-2015 Study Away programs. In addition, we initiated a discussion on the issue of Study Away programs to countries who are on the warning list of the United States State Dept. and which is being considered by the Study Away Safety Compliance and Assessment Risk Committee (SASCAR). As Chair of the Study Away committee, I attended the meeting that the Dean of Study Away, Kailash Khandke, organized in early March so that the SASCAR committee could start looking into the right procedures.

The following 24 study away programs for 2013-2014 were evaluated and approved by the Committee. All of them were presented to the faculty at the October 24 meeting, but only the new ones (marked below) required Faculty vote and were subsequently approved.

May 2013 (12 programs)
1. Adventure in Global Sustainability in Guatemala
    Directors: Bruce Clemens (Business) and Bill Ransom (EES)
2. Dreams and Disorders in Urban North America – New *
    Director: Lloyd Benson (History), Dr Julian Chambliss (Rollins College)
3. Farm – Radcliffe, Iowa
    Director: Glen A. Halva-Neubaer (Political Science)
4. Japan: From Periphery and Center
    Directors: Wendy Matsumura (History/Asian St.) and Dr. Izumi Tokunaga (MLL/Asian
5. Mayan Archaeology – Belize – New *
    Directors: Brian Siegel (Religion) and Allison Hurst (Sociology)
6. Oceans and Human Health - New
    Directors: Joe Pollar (Biology) and Eli Hestermann (Biology)
7. People, Natural Resources and development in Tanzania- New
    Directors: Suresh Muthukrishnan and Betsy Beymer-Farris (EES)
8. Politics of a Divided Ireland – Republic of Ireland/Northern Ireland – New
    Directors: Don Aiesi (Political Science) and David Fleming (PS)
9. Rhetoric of Social Activism/Mat-By-The-Bay –San Francisco Bay Area
    Director: Sean O’Rourke (Communication Studies)
10. Slow Food: Italian Style
      Directors: Bill Allen & Ron Friis (MLL)
11. South Korean History and Culture Today - New
      Director: Jim Leavell (Asian Studies/History) and Assistant Director: Becky Duckett
     (Asian St)
12. Working Toward a Sustainable Orleans*
      Directors: Marianne Bessy (MLL) and Carolyn Day (History)

*- This program was cancelled due to low enrollment.

Fall 2013 (10 programs)
1. Brussels Internship Program
    Director: Brandon Inabinet (Communication Studies)
2. Fall in China
    Director: Eiho Baba (Philosophy/Asian Studies) *
3. Fall Semester in Spain – Madrid, Spain
    Director: Ron Friis (Modern Languages & Lit.)
4. Fall Semester in Versailles – Versailles, France
    Directors: Pat Pecoy and Dawn Strickland (Modern Languages and Lit.)
5. Furman in Berlin – Berlin, Germany
    Directors: Ilka Rasch and Anne Culberson (Modern Languages and Lit.)
6. Fall Term in British Isles – England & Ireland
    Directors: Willard Pate and Nick Radel (English)
7. India Study Away – India
    Directors: Savita Nair (History/Asian Studies), Veena Khandke (Asian studies), Lisa
    Knight (Religion/ Asian Studies), and Kailash Khandke (Economics/Asian Studies)
8. Music in Italy – Arezzo, Italy
    Director: Bill Thomas (Music)
9. United Europe Past and Present – Europe
    Directors: Brent Nelsen (Political Science) and David Spear (History)
10. Wild Semester – Hermosa, New Mexico and South Africa
      Directors: Travis Perry (Biology) and Megan Pitman (Biology)

*- This program was cancelled due to low enrollment.

Spring 2014 (2 programs)
1. Furman in Edinburgh – Edinburgh, Scotland
    Director: John Barrington (History)
2. The Washington Experience - Washington, D.C.
    Director: Danielle Vinson (Political Sciences)

Respectfully submitted,
Lourdes Manyé,
Chair of the 2012-2013 Study Away Committee

Members of the Committee:
Cleve Fraser (PS), Suresh Muthukrishnan (EES), Willard Pate, (ENG), Alfons Teipen
(REL), Shusuke Yagi (MLL) Fall 2012, Jerry Cox (MLL), Spring 2013.
Katie Iannace, Student, Nicki Wilcox, Student

Marianne Pierce, Senior Associate Academic Dean
Kailash Khandke, Assistant Dean for Study Away and International Education

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