Study Away Committee
Annual Report, 2009-2010


Committee Members:

Tim Hanks, Chemistry, Chair
John Beckford, Dean of the Faculty 
Tom Kazee, Provost and Executive Vice President)
Kailash Khandke, Asst. Dean for Study Away and International Education
Lourdes Manye, Spanish
Charles Tompkins, Music
Steve O’Neill, History
Mike Bressler, Political Science
Suresh Muthukrishnan, EES
Cameron Tommey, Student
Liz Jordan, Student

The Study Away Committee, met twice in September this year. As the majority of the members were new to the Committee this year, our first meeting was an orientation with last year’s members. The second meeting was used to establish our protocols for evaluating upcoming programs, as detailed below. In October, a Moodle site was established for Study Away Program submission and initial screening. The Committee used this site to get an initial look at the proposals and to highlight potential problems before we sat down to discuss them formally.

In October, the Committee met four times to evaluate the proposals for 2010-2011. Most of the proposals were approved, and the Committee Chair and Dean Khandke followed up with the rest to address problems with those proposals. Revised proposals from this process were discussed by email and eventually approved.

During the remainder of the academic term, the Committee dealt with several problems and opportunities related to Study Abroad by email. A final meeting was held at the end of April to discuss a new mini-grant program initiated by Dr. Khandke’s office, a proposal for pre-departure workshops for Study Away instructors, and the impact of the comprehensive fee structure on summer programs. In addition we initiated a discussion on developing procedures for the Committee to use in Assessing the quality and effectiveness of individual study away programs.

The following programs were approved by the Committee and ultimately by the Faculty where required.

Fall 2010
1) Brussels Internship Program
Director: Bruce Brown (Economics)
2) Fall in China
Director: Dongming Zhang (Modern Languages and Literature & Asian Studies)
3. Modern Languages and Literature in France
Director: Marianne Halloran-Bessy and Harlan Patton (Modern Languages and Lit.)
4. Music in Italy
Director: Bill Thomas (Music)
5. Modern Languages and Literature in Spain
Directors: Maria Rippon, Lourdes Manyé, Stephanie Knouse (Modern Languages & Lit.)
6. Fall Semester Europe
Directors: Srdjan Smajic (English) and Jay Oney (Theatre Arts)

Spring 2011
1. Africa Study Away 
Director: Kristy Maher (Sociology)
2. Marine Biology and Archaeology of Belize 
Directors: Dennis Haney (Biology) and Brian Siegel (Anthropology)
3. Modern Languages and Literature in Chile 
Directors: David Bost, Jeremy Cass, and Ron Friis (Modern Languages and Literatures)
4. State Capital Experience
Director: Glen Halva-Neubauer (Political Science)
5. Furman in Edinburgh 
Director: Sean O’Rourke (Communication Studies)
6. Art, Literature, and Culture in Italy 
Directors: Bryan Bibb (Religion) and Margaret Oaks (English)
7. Washington Experience 
Director: Danielle Vinson (Political Science)

May 2010
1. Indigenous Australia: Reconstructing the Record
Directors: Ellen Boucher and Allison L. Hurst (History and Sociology)
2. The Rhetoric of Social Activism
Director: Sean O’Rourke (Communication Studies)
3. Turkey and the World of Early Christianity
Director: Shelly Matthews (Religion)
4. Iceland: The Land of Fire and Ice
Directors: Suresh Muthukrishnan and Brannon Andersen (EES)
5. Slow Food: Italian Style
Directors: Bill Allen, Yancey Greene (MLL, International Education)
6. Darwin and the Galapagos
Director: Wade B. Worthen (Biology)
7. Tropical Ecology in Costa Rica
Directors: A. Joseph Pollard and Travis Perry (Biology) 
8. Revising a City: Rebuilding New Orleans*
Directors: Marianne Bessy and Diane Boyd (MLL, Center for Teaching and Learning)
9. Community and Environmental Health in Nicaragua
Director: Veronica Yockey (HES)

*- This program was approved by the faculty, but did not proceed due to a lack of demand.


Respectfully Submitted, 
Tim Hanks

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