Minutes: Policies and Procedures Committee
Thursday, September 4, 2008

Present: DeJong (chair), Gabbert (recorder), Horney, Lewis, DeLancy, Chesebro, Pierce
DeJong opened the meeting and welcomed Don Pierce as our new administrative member replacing Bill

Meetings this term will be on either Wednesdays 8:00-9:30am or Thursdays 4:00-5:30pm. The next
meeting is scheduled for Wednesday September 10th at 8:00am. The location of the meeting will be
announced later.

New procedural and organizational recommendations were discussed on the use of the FirstClass
conference. All materials relating to policies under review, agendas, and minutes will be posted to the

DeJong distributed the list of Faculty Policies that are to be reviewed this year. Pierce will investigate if
680.1 can be reclassified as non-Faculty, and hence, removed from this list. Hayden Porter recommended
that 008.1 be reviewed because it is very outdated so it will be added to this list. 111.31 will be added to
the list. The Status Committee has already been provided the list of policies that they are to review this

There were a few updates to policies last year that were incorrect in the online versions and the adoption
dates had not been changed to those policies that were changed. Pierce will address these problems. In
addition, the index incorrectly lists the library policies 155.2 and 155.3 and Pierce will fix this as well.

DeJong updated the committee on the status of several policies that carryover from last year.

File 185.5 Class Load
This policy was presented to the faculty and one minor typing suggestion was made to remove the word
“hour” when describing credits. It will be voted on in the next Faculty meeting.

File 008.1 Succession of Authority
DeJong followed up with Bill Berg on 8/19 and Stephanie on 9/4.

File 190.1 Curriculum Committee Operating Procedures
A new draft from 5/20/08 is ready for the committee to review. This policy will be reviewed in the next

File 367.5 Risk Management and Off Campus Programs
A new draft was provided by S. Zeiger on 8/26/08.

File 122.2 Student Evaluation of Faculty
The policy was returned to Status on 8/19/08. A letter from a faculty member was received on 5/28/08
expressing concern about online student evaluations. These concerns will be passed on to Status.

File 152.2 Evaluation of Faculty
This policy was sent to Status on 8/19/08.

File 101.1 Faculty Salaries
This policy was sent to Status on 8/19/08.

File 111.31 University Chaplain
This policy was added to the policies list for this year.

File 198.2 Status Committee Operating Procedures
A draft of this policy was sent by Status on 5/1/08.

File 106.0 Intellectual Property
J. Beckford and T. Kazee were contacted on 8/19. This policy is considered high priority for this year and
follow-up will be done to determine the status of the investigating committee.

File xxx Cultural Life Committee Operating Procedures
Received from CLP Committee on 8/29/08. This is a new policy and needs to be assigned a number.

Respectfully submitted,
Paula Gabbert, Recorder
Policies and Procedures Committee

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