Minutes: Policies and Procedures Committee
Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Present: DeJong (chair), Gabbert (recorder), Horney, Chesebro, Lewis, Pierce, Byrnes

Minutes from 11/6/08 were provided and approved as amended. Bob Miller sent a policy titled "Personal Protective Security" for inclusion in the P&P manual. Several suggestions were made for this policy via email discussion and the policy is being sent back to Bob Miller with these suggestions.

Updates from D. Pierce
The Share Point system still does not allow for text changes to the online P&P manual. Pierce will be making manual changes to the database until the problems are resolved.

Updates from L. DeJong:
File 196.5 will be presented to the faculty after DeJong cleans up the draft to show changes to the original policy.

May Experience will not be added in Article V Section 5a as a separate session. There were several changes made to the Constitution in the meeting last time that did not appear in the tracked changes in the version for this week (i.e. removing the word committee and other grammatical edits). DeJong will add these tracked changes back to the document to show all changes completely.

Horney listed several differences between the Constitution online and the Constitution in the original printed version. In addition,
Article IV Section 4 was outdated and reworded.
Article V Section 1 concerns were raised dealing with the differences between administrative ad hoc committees and standing administrative committees. No changes to the constitution were needed but DeJong will ask the Faculty Chair to distribute a list of all administrative committees to the faculty.
In Article V Section 5e the RPG committee description was slightly reworded.
In Article VII Section 2 the correct title for Director of Libraries was added.

File 111.1 Division of Continuing Education
It was suggested that Guideline C4 reference File 111.11 and that both policies be sent back to Brad for further review to ensure that Guideline 7 in File 111.1 is in the appropriate place and whether there are overlaps or inconsistencies in the two policies. Change originator of File 111.1 to Academic Administration.

File 228.1 Tuition Benefits for Faculty and Staff
Byrnes explained that the rationale for the changes is to bring the policy in line with the retirement benefits for staff. It was noted that an additional/different rationale statement is necessary for faculty. An alternate wording was suggested for the policy statement. It will be presented to the faculty in December if there is a meeting.

The next meeting of the Policies and Procedures Committee will be set via email.

Respectfully submitted,
Paula Gabbert, Recorder
Policies and Procedures Committee

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