Minutes: Policies and Procedures Committee
Wednesday, January 24, 2008

Present: De Jong (chair), Gabbert (recorder), Horney, Lewis

The minutes of the January 16th meeting were amended and approved.  Gabbert will post to the P&P Committee conference on FirstClass.

Committee members need to follow up with the originators of the policies that were assigned at the beginning of the term to make sure that those policies are reviewed.  This should be done by the end of January.  Policies that are not classified as Faculty will be handled by Office of Planning and Institutional Research.  Questions about whether a policy should be classified as Faculty should be directed to Bill Berg.

In the future, committees without an operating procedures policy will be contacted to write such a policy.  These committees will be alerted sometime before the end of this academic year.

Horney will ask the Dean's office about the procedures for correcting the policies in light of the new Provost position.

File 111.8 Director of Admissions
Suggestions were made to clarify the Background statement.  It will be suggested that this statement read "The Admissions Office is responsible for all aspects of the admissions process for the undergraduate day program.  The Director of Admissions  supervises this office."   Several minor wording changes were suggested for the Policy statement.  A few minor grammatical corrections were suggested for the Guidelines.  These suggestions will be sent to the originator.

File 680.1 Athletic Team Travel
The question was raised about whether this policy covers travel to club sports events.  If not, the committee questioned whether this policy needs to be reclassified since it doesn't affect faculty whether a new policy covering club sports travel was needed.  If the policy does cover club sports travel, then that needs to be reflected in the wording of the policy.  DeJong will consult Berg and the originator about these issues. 

The following suggestions were made for editing this policy:  1) define types of transportation first in the Guidelines and then organize the guidelines for those types;  2)  don't mention First Class specifically as Furman routinely changes these systems; 3) mention the website in the guideline about the online database but no URL as those change as well.  Suggestions will be sent to originator.

File 217.8 Student Records
DeJong will ask Berg whether the originator should include Academic Records or the title Registrar.  The following suggestions were made:

  • Policy statement suggestions were made for the second sentence.
  • Guideline 3 needs to be clarified.
  • Guideline 4 needs to be more general.
  • Guideline 5 is outdated and needs to be reworded.  Also, does it include both academic records and conduct records?
  • Guidelines 6 and 7 and Guideline 1 can be combined to be less repetitive.  It was suggested to split Guideline 1 into 2 guidelines and incorporate Guidelines 6 and 7 into the new Guidelines 1 and 2.
  • Remove the URL from Guideline 8 as URL’s change over time. 

Suggestions will be sent to originator.

Study Away Committee Operating Procedures 
The title needs to be added to the policy.  Rationale statement could be improved by including justification for the actual policy rather than justification for the existence of the policy.  For example, why is the policy different for Furman programs and affiliate programs?  This policy needs to reference  File 112.6 Study Abroad Program Administration.  A suggestion was made for Guideline 4 to include this reference.  Some other minor editing suggestions were made.  Suggestions will be sent to originator.

Our next regular meeting is scheduled for February 14th at 3:00pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Paula Gabbert
Policies and Procedures Committee


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