Minutes: Policies and Procedures Committee
Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Present: DeJong (chair), Gabbert (recorder), Horney, Lewis, Pierce, Byrnes, Delancey
Minutes from 12/11/08 were provided and approved.

Updates from L. DeJong:
- Policy 228.1 was presented to the faculty on 12/4 and faculty will vote in February.
- One minor change was suggested by Forrest Stuart for Policy 111.9. The policy will be presented to the faculty in February.
- One minor change was suggested by Faye Jordan for Policy 291.1. The policy will be presented to the faculty in February.
- There was general agreement by those contacted about Policy 217.8 that the new FERPA laws would not affect this policy and that the details of the laws could be removed. DeJong will contact Connie Carson and ask her to remove the details from the policy, put those details on the website, and then put a reference to the website in the policy.
- Pierce distributed updated policies for the committee’s notebooks. A minor editing change was suggested for Policy 197.4 in that packet that does not require any faculty action as it only deals with capitalization. DeJong will contact Pierce to make sure all committee members have hard copy of policies revised last year.
- The May Experience Ad Hoc Committee met and invited DeJong to the meeting to discuss policy issues relating to May Experience.
- Intellectual Property Policy Ad Hoc Committee has met and is working on that policy.
- Kazee and Beckford are in the process of revising the policies that describe their roles.

File 187.5 Academic Processions
A minor editing change was suggested for Guideline 3. Additional grammatical corrections were made.
The policy will be sent to the faculty in February.

File 147.9 Academic Regalia
The policy will be sent to the faculty in February.

File 148.1 Salary Continuation at Death
An additional guideline was suggested to highlight that commissioned members of the ROTC staff (who
are part of the faculty) are not eligible for this benefit. Some additional formatting changes were made.
The policy will be sent to Status for final review and to the faculty in February and voted on in March.

File 168.1 Sabbatical Leaves
The policy will be sent back to Status with a request that Guideline 3 be clarified about how May
Experience affects the teaching load in the sabbatical year.

File 111.1 Division of Continuing Ed
File 111.11 Director of Continuing Ed
These policies will be reviewed next time.

File 198.2 Faculty Status Committee Operating Procedures
Minor editing change was suggested to Guideline 2i. Rasmussen and Beckford will be invited to the next
meeting to discuss the issue of classifying faculty and how it applies to this policy.

The next meeting of the Policies and Procedures Committee will be February 3rd at 8:20am-9:50am.

Respectfully submitted,
Paula Gabbert, Recorder
Policies and Procedures Committee

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