Minutes: Policies and Procedures Committee
Tuesday, February 3

Present: DeJong (chair), Gabbert (recorder), Horney, Pierce, Byrnes, Delancey
Minutes from 1/21/09 were provided and approved.

Updates from L. DeJong:
- 228.1 Tuition Benefits for Faculty and Staff was returned from the faculty floor. Concerns included definition of full time faculty. Other concerns not raised on the floor were emailed to Lorraine. Concerns were raised about the definition of dependents. All of these concerns will be sent to the originator to clarify the language in the policy.
- 111.9 Director of Financial Aid was returned from the faculty floor. Concerns were expressed about the removal of the Financial Aid Committee from the policy statement. There was confusion about this committee and the Awards and Financial Aid administrative committee. The policy will be sent back to the originator for clarification of whether they want faculty input.
- 291.1, 187.5, 147.9 were approved by faculty on 2/2.
- 148.1 Salary Continuation at Death was introduced to the faculty on 2/2.

Updates from D. Pierce
- Distributed changes to the P&P from last year.
- Distributed a new policy for the Information Technology Advisory Council.

File 111.1 Division of Continuing Ed
Policy statement and Guideline 2 changes were suggested to clarify who is recruited for teaching in Continuing Ed. These faculty will be described as probationary and tenured faculty. Reference to File 111.11 will be given in Guideline 4. Guideline 6 needs to be renumbered. A wording change was suggested for Guideline 6. Originator needs to be changed to Academic Administration. Policy will be returned to Brad Bechtold.

File 111.11 Director of Continuing Ed
Some grammatical errors were fixed. These will be sent to Brad Bechtold.

File 144.2 Social Security
Minor grammatical changes were suggested for Guideline 1. Policy will go to the faculty in March.

File 157.91 Retirement
Some minor changes were suggested. Policy will go to the faculty in March.

The next meeting of the Policies and Procedures Committee will be February 18th at 3:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Paula Gabbert, Recorder
Policies and Procedures Committee

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