Minutes: Policies and Procedures Committee
Friday, April 30, 2008

Present: DeJong (chair), Gabbert (recorder), Horney, Lewis, DeLancy, Chesebro, Berg

It was decided that the Dean/Provost position changes were significant enough to warrant bringing them to the faculty.  These policies will be grouped together when sent to the faculty with a single rationale statement describing the Dean/Provost roles.

It was decided that policy changes made only for the calendar changes were editorial in nature and would be updated in the manual without being brought to the faculty.

File 120.2 Student Absences from Class
Small comma change was made but no other changes were recommended by committee or originator. Policy will be updated in the manual but not brought to the faculty.

File 109.2 Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Courses
Two small minor wording changes were suggested in the guidelines in addition to the change made by the originator for the Dean/Provost roles.  The policy will be brought to the faculty in the May meeting.

File 190.3 Appeals Committee Operating Procedures
A few small suggestions were made to Guidelines 1, 3, and 6.  It was suggested that the Appeals Committee provide a rationale statement for the new Guideline 5.  It was suggested that the Dean be included in the policy statement so students could also appeal to the Dean.  DeJong will forward these suggestions to the Appeals Committee. 

File 220.1 Donaldson-Watkins and Bradshaw-Feaster Medals for General Excellence
The changes proposed by the originator were primarily relating to the calendar change.  A few suggestions were made:
- Capitalize Spring and Fall correctly;
- Change semester to term throughout.
DeJong will forward changes to APC to get their approval.  The policy will then be updated in the manual but will not be brought to the faculty.

File 048.1 Institutional Review Board for Proposed Research Involving Human Subjects
DeJong will ask the IRB committee to review the policy in light of the Federal guidelines for committee membership and will notify the Provost that she is doing that.  Horney provided an initial suggestion for Guidelines 1and 2 that will be sent to the IRB committee to get them started.  DeJong will summarize those changes and send to IRB committee.

File 117.1 Overload Teaching for Extra Compensation
There was discussion about Guideline 4 and whether May should be specifically mentioned in the policy.  The current draft of the policy will be sent to the faculty.

File 157.93 Retirement Options
The policy will be sent to the faculty.

File 166.1 Attendance at Professional Meetings
Spring and Fall need to be capitalized correctly.  The policy will be sent to the faculty with these changes.

File 101.1 Faculty Salaries
Some minor punctuation and wording changes were suggested.  As per requested by Beckford, DeJong will ask Kazee to read through the policy.  DeJong will also mention that Guideline C7 may need to change to reflect the change in the contract year.

Exhibit C. Furman University Faculty Contract
The exhibit will be updated in the manual but will not be brought to the faculty.

File 185.5 Class Load
The policy statement needs to reflect change to credits from semester hours.  Guideline 2 was modified based on a suggestion from Beckford.  The policy will be brought to the faculty but must sit on the table 30 days before a vote. 


Our next regular meeting is scheduled for May 5th 12:00pm-2:00pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Paula Gabbert
Policies and Procedures Committee


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