Minutes: Policies and Procedures Committee
Wednesday, April 16

Present:  DeJong(Chair), Delancy, Chesebro, Berg, Horney, Gabbert (Recorder), Lewis

Minutes from April 4th were presented and approved as amended.  Gabbert will post to the First Class conference.

It was noted that many of the policies we are currently working on may not be presented to the faculty until the August faculty meeting.  DeJong is confirming that there will be time during the August meeting for faculty business.

File 122.2 Student Evaluation of Instructors 
It was decided to leave in the word “term” so the policy covers May experience and summer school.  The policy will be brought to the faculty at the May meeting.

File 152.2 Evaluation of Faculty
Exhibit D was discussed and no significant changes are needed.  There will be some minor changes required to handle the new calendar.  A suggestion was made for Guideline 2b to change "during the winter term" to "in early spring semester".  DeJong will contact the originator about these suggestions, and if Status agrees with the suggestions, the policy will be brought to the faculty at the May meeting.

157.4 Probationary Appointment
The last paragraph in C2 needs to identify the Dean of Faculty instead of VP for Academic Affairs and Dean.  It was suggested that the last phrase in background statement "or develop temporary programs" be dropped.  The last sentence of the policy statement is somewhat ambiguous (i.e. what policy doesn't apply to librarians?)  It was suggested that the first sentence read "All full-time tenure-track faculty members are on annual …" and that the last sentence of the policy statement be dropped.

A rewording of Guidelines 1, 2, and 5 were proposed.  Use letters rather than bullets in Guideline 5.

DeJong will return the policy back to Status with these suggestions.

File 148.1 Salary Continuation at Death
Questions were raised about whether Librarians currently get death benefits and whether the change is consistent with current policy.  DeJong will contact T. Hay to ask whether Librarians get death benefits.

It was suggested that Status rewrite the Background statement to make it clear.

DeJong will consult with T. Kazee about what death benefits are available to faculty.  The policy guidelines were not clear.

It was suggested that Guideline 3 be removed.

File 190.1 Curriculum Committee Operating Procedures
S. Ritter will be invited to next meeting.

Next meeting will be on Wednesday, April 23rd 1:00-2:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Paula Gabbert
Policies and Procedures Committee

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