Policies and Procedures Committee
Annual Report, 2007-2008


During the academic year the Policies and Procedures Committee conducted regular 1-2 hour meetings to address policy issues contained in the Faculty Handbook. Throughout the academic year, the committee met 15 times, approximately averaging a meeting every 2 weeks and which took place during all academic terms. Minutes of all meetings have been submitted to the Faculty Chair.

Yearly Review

Each year the Policies and Procedures Committee is asked to review one-fifth of the total number of files in the Policies and Procedures Manual for currency. The goal is to review all policies approximately every five years.

The procedure is to (1) refer the policies to their originators for revision, (2) review returned revised policies, and (3) submit policies with substantive changes to the faculty for their approval.

This year 34 faculty policies (including handbook exhibits) were up for review. To date, 20 policies have been reviewed and revised and those with substantive changes, including those referencing the roles of the Dean of the Faculty and Provost have been brought to the faculty for approval. Eight policies are still in review pending other actions by committees or administration.

New Policies

This year the Policies and Procedures Committee also worked with members of the Faculty, Academic Administration, and Professional Staff to assist as needed in the development of new policies that were considered either relevant to the new curriculum, timely, and/or needed. All new policies were determined to be consistent with the Constitution and were voted on by the faculty for approval.

A major accomplishment of the committee this year was to bring two new policies related to the library faculty (along with a substantial revision to another library policy) to the faculty for a vote. Prior to this, our committee participated in an AAUP forum to assist faculty to better understand and raise potential concerns regarding these policies prior to bringing to the faculty for a vote.

An additional new policy was also created and approved this year for the Study Away Committee Operating Procedures. 

Special Policy Reviews Related to Administration and Calendar Changes

Our committee learned in March that there are 73 policies containing references related to the roles and responsibilities of the academic administration. Policies which make reference to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean are currently being revised according to the newly outlined responsibilities of the Provost and Dean of the Faculty. To date 13 of these policies have been revised and brought to the faculty for approval and at least 15 additional policies are in review pending action by other committees or administrators. Our committee will be working to complete the necessary changes to the remaining effected policies in 08-09.

Based on a timeline established by the Policies and Procedures Committee during the 06-07 academic year, 11 policies were to be reviewed this academic year for changes related to the new academic calendar. To date 8 of these policies have been reviewed and revised.

Throughout the year, our committee held several special meetings to consult with Academic Administration, policy originators and Committee Chairs for advice, and recommendations on several policy issues as needed. Our committee wishes to thank Tom Kazee, John Beckford, Janis Bandelin, Paul Rasmussen, Shirley Ritter, and Susan Zeiger for their participation in these special meetings.

Finally, the chair wishes to express sincere thanks to all committee members for their many hours of time and conscientious efforts in their service to this committee this academic year.

Bill Berg, Director of Planning and Institutional Research
Bob Chesebro, Music
Charles DeLancey, Communication
Paula Gabbert (Recording Secretary), Computer Science
Tom Hay, Director of Human Resources
Jean Horney, Economics
Tom Lewis, Mathematics

Respectfully submitted,

Lorraine Dejong, Chair


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