Nominating Committee
Annual Report, 2007-2008

The Nominating Committee met a total of nine times and conducted other business by email during the 2007-08 academic year.

Two of the meetings in the late summer and early fall were to fill unexpected vacancies on faculty standing committees. These vacancies had arisen because of changes in the personal situations of several faculty members and students that prevented their continued service. In November the Nominating Committee nominated six faculty members to serve on a search committee for the recently created position of Dean of the Faculty.

The main task of the Nominating Committee began in early February and lasted through the month of March. The committee nominated two faculty officers for a second year and nominated a new Vice Chair of the Faculty. In addition, there were 121 faculty and 18 students nominated to serve on 19 faculty committees, the Graduate Council and the University Traffic Board. A total of 40 of these 121 positions were filled with faculty members who had not served on the committee during 2007-8. The Nominating Committee also nominated a new chair for 9 of the 19 standing faculty committees.

The chair would like to thank committee members Carmela Epright, Dennis Haney, Gary Malvern, Lynne Shackelford and Dick Stanford for their faithful and willing service throughout the year but especially during February and March.

Doug Rall, Chair

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