Library Committee

Annual Report, 2005-2006

Committee Members: Paul Wagenknecht (Chemistry), Trudy Fuller (Music), Jim Leavell (History), George Lipscomb (Education), Pete Demarco (student representative) , Tom Kazee (Dean), Janis Bandelin (Director of Libraries), Rich Letteri (Communication Studies and Committee Chair)

The Committee met three times during the 2005-2006 academic year and organized one informational luncheon on the role of informational fluency in the new curriculum.

The committee met for the first time on September 23.

Janis Bandelin (JB), Director of Libraries, along with John Payne and Betty Kelly discussed the department allocations of library funds.
The library materials budget will increase by 8-10% from the previous year with the help of several endowed funds. This will help cover the increased costs in journals, audio-visual material and electronic databases. 
The committee then approved the budget allocations for departments.

The committee turned next to reviewing applications for library scholar studies for the 2005-2006 school year. All requests were accepted with four faculty sharing two studies:
Shared Studies: Nick Radel, English and Shelly Matthews, Religion; 
Carey Cranford, MLL (Emeritus) and Glen Clayton, Library, (Emeritus)
Single Studies: Maurice Cherry, MLL; Brent Nelson, Political Science; LeRon Brooks, Art (Adjunct); Rangar Cline, Religion (Adjunct)

The committee next heard a library update report from Janis Bandelin. Along with some very impressive statistics that documented the increase of library use over the last school year (170% increase in patrons, 25% increase in circulation and questions to the reference desk, etc.). Information was also shared about the library building project punchlist, the Science Library, community outreach programs, and the library goals for 2005-2006.

The committee also agreed to sponsor a luncheon on the information fluency component of the freshmen seminar component of the Curriculum Review Committee’s proposal for curricular change. This luncheon was held on October 11 and featured Mary Fairburn (Reference Librarian), Sarah Worth (Philosophy), and Pete DeMarco (student) as its main speakers.

The committee met a second time on February 18, 2005.

This meeting included a discussion of several articles from a special section of the Chronicle of Higher Education on academic libraries and a report on the rising cost of library materials. Updates included plans for the Science Library in the renovated Plyler Hall, personnel changes in the library, FASTWOG (Faculty Status Working Group) meetings and future report on issues concerning the library faculty such as tenure and promotion and professional release time, and new library resources available through PASCAL (The Partnership Among SC Libraries).

The Committee members then went on a walking tour of the Library and were shown many of the new and more unique services and facilities the library offers.

The committee’s third meeting was held on April 28, 2006.

The committee reviewed applications for library scholar studies for the Summer of 2006. 
Three applications were approved: Carey Cranford, MLL (Emeritus), Glen Clayton, Library (Emeritus), Brent Nelson, Political Science.

One application was not approved because its main purpose was to provide a study for students working on a Furman Advantage project. The committee did not want to set the precedent of providing Advantage students studies and recommended that the committee chair contact the applicant to explore how these students could use a Library study group room to work on their project.

The committee turned next to a discussion of a draft of the FASTWOG (Faculty Status Working Group) white paper. The committee focused specifically on an appendix of the white paper dealing with promotions and research and professional development leave for librarians. The discussion produced several recommendations that Janis Bandelin, Director of Libraries, will take back to librarians to consider before their final draft of their FASTWOG report is presented to the faculty.

Respectfully Submitted,

The Library Committee

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