Faculty Status Committee
Annual Report, 2007-2008

To date, the Faculty Status Committee has met 27 times during the 2007-2008 academic session. An inventory of the committee’s activities over this time period follows:

1. Evaluated the files of 166 faculty and recommended a merit category to the Provost for each of these faculty members.
2. Reviewed 10 candidates for tenure and 14 candidates for promotion. Our recommendations were forwarded to the Dean, Provost and to President.
3. Recommended salary adjustments based on an across-the-board component and percentage distribution among the four merit categories.
4. Reviewed and approved a letter sent to the faculty presenting the committee’s recommendations to the Provost for allocation of salary increases, faculty merit categories, and percentage salary increase in each category.
5. Recommended to the President that 4 faculty members be awarded the rank of Professor Emeritus or Emerita.
6. Revised memoranda and forms associated with the 2008-2009 faculty evaluation cycle.
7. Assisted in the development and revision of 3 new policies concerning the status of professional librarians.
8. Reviewed 14 files from the Policies and Procedures document as part of the regular review process. Because of changes to the administrative structure and changes to the academic calendar, all 14 files required some degree of revision. All 14 revised policies were submitted to Policies and Procedures. No policies were tabled for later discussion.
9. Reviewed and revised 3 additional policies, including 131.5 (Due Process), 158.5 (Eligibility of Academic Administrators for Tenure), and 198.2 (Status Committee Operating Procedures).
8. Met with new faculty to discuss the FSC charge, with specific emphasis placed on issues related to tenure and promotion.

Respectfully submitted by the 2007-2008 Faculty Status Committee:

Bill Blaker, (BGY), David Bost (MLL), Susan D’Amato (PHY), Ruby Morgan (MUS), John Shelley (REL), Paul Rasmussen, Chair (PSY)

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