Faculty Constitution Description

Description Article V., Sect. 5, (q) Faculty Scholarship and Awards Committee. This committee shall oversee the selection process for student awards given by the faculty including the Faculty Scholarship, Bradshaw-Feaster and Donaldson-Watkins medals.

Constitutional Provisions for Student Awards (Policy 220.1)

Scholarship Guidelines

Membership Roster for 2013-14

Liz Bouzarth (MTH)
Nathaniel Cook (ECN), Chair
Teresa Cosby (PSC) 
Bill Prince (MLL)
Joni Tevis (ENG)
Charles Tompkins (MUS)

Annual Reports and Minutes

2013 Annual Report
2006 Annual Report

For earlier documents, consult the university archivist, Debbielee Landi.

Previous Recipients


Faculty Scholarship Winners  Donaldson-Watkins
Medal of Excellence
Medal of Excellence
Laura Ragmanauskaite
Emily Elizabeth Wirzba
Matthew Daniel Correnti
 2012 Emily Wirzba
Susannah Marie Morris
Brandon Alexander Tensley
Jordan Lyerly
Katherine Suzanne Schultz
Reece Cameron Lyerly
 2010 Reece Lyerly
Emily Catherine Wilson
Benjamin Holland Able
 2009 Sarafina Robinson
Melissa Kristen Summer  Robert Layton Wells 
 2008 Emily Robinson
Elizabeth Caroline Cooke  Peter James DeMarco 
 2007 Matt Kuhn
Lauren Brooke Hund  Michael Thomas Vagnini 
 2006 Mark Pittman  Nadezhda Dimitrova Savova  John Robert Dickson 
2005 Leah Coakley  Fang Bu  Kevin Neely Blackmon 
2004 Jessie Cochran  Rebekah Grace Potts  Brandon Michael Inabinet 
 2003 Brandon Inabinet  Laila Samir Jaber  Jonathan Gabriel Stallsmith 
 2002 Laila Jaber  Adair Eileen Ford  Henry Wilkins Frampton, IV 
 2001 Gurang Patel  Karen Vernice Guth  Jason Lydell Vassey 
2000   Ginger Michelle Denison  Sarah Malcom Blosser 
1999    Sarah Malcolm Blosser Mark Christopher Canavera 
1998   Zabrina Breezeleaf Aleguire  Derek O'Neal Bruff 
1997   Elaine Grace Arrington  Warren Anderson Kinghorn 
1996   Sarah Marie Mosses Matthew Howard Baughman 
1995   Katarzyna Barbara Hagenmajer  Robert W. Johnson, Jr. 
1994   Erita Marlisa Ross William Monroe Coleman, IV 
1993   Shelley Rene Waters  Cai-Goran Alexander Stubb 
1992   Tomika Brown Hall  Brian E. Comer 
1991   Kathryn Denise Wooten  Christopher M. Ferrell 
1990   Dora Jennifer Thomas  Eric Theodore Bas 
1989    Catherine Marshall DuRant Mark Kamm Eckels and
John Alan Warford 
1988    Jennie Marcelle Smith  Kevin Andrew Hill 
1987    Marylee Massey James Charles Richard Batson 
1986    Ulanda Denise Rippy David Lee Ellis 
1985   Joyce Lyn Jordan   Frederick Watson Moss, Jr. 
1984    Kimberly Jean Christian Ronald Eddie Alexander 
1983    Susan Carter Pardue Russell Peyton Jones and
John Curtis Kierpse 
1982    Tara Lisa Harris Kevin Augustus Dunlap 
1981    Shawndee Trinkle Thomas David Stoner 
1980    Catherine Jane Bayless David Craig Ullman 
1979    Elizabeth Anne Thomas Michael Earl Guest 
1978    Cynthia Ann Scott Thomas Alex Stephenson 
1977    Susan Elizabeth Smart Kenneth John Ries 
1976    Marsha Gail Creedle Jimmy Joe Andrews 
1975    Linda Katherine Lineberger Dudely Cole Reynolds 
1974    Christine Warren Donald Wayne Janney 
1973    Adriene Whitely  Henry Larkin Parr, Jr. 
1972    Martha Graham Stoddard John William Broadway and
Luis Quintero 
1971    Phyllis Anne Barnhill  George Todd Ligler and 
William Samuel Trakis
1970   Margaret Kay Plemmons   Ronald William McKinney
1969    Martha Horton Hobson Orville Vernon Burton 
1968    Elizabeth Dowd Russell Hugh Toland Stoddard, Jr. 
1967    Peggy Carole Ellison Good Robert Earl Stillwell 
1966    Judith Chandler Babb Larry Den Estridge 
1965    Martha MacRae Gordan R. Herring 
1964    Lucy Wynne Bowers David Otis Tomlinson 
1963    Julia T. Meecls James L. Lancaster 
1962    Janet C. Southern James G. Revels, Jr.  
1961    Nancy Drew Michael Bazel Sheppard 
1960    Joyce Ann Bennett Charles Anthony Arrlington, Jr. 
1959    Nancy Anne Looper Glenn Terry Harper
1958   Mary Seawell Metz  Heyward Francis Coolce 
1957    Anne Baldwin Norfod Edwin M. Meares, Jr. 
1956   Mildred Frances Self  James Branham  
1955    Neil Evans Harding James Jordan 
1954    Jo Ann Perkins George Gibson 
1953    No Award No Award 
1952    No Award No Award 
1951    No Award No  Award 
1950    No Award No Award 
1949    No Catalog Available No Catalog Available 
1948    No Award No Award 
1947    No Catalog Available No Catalog Available 
1946    No Award No Award 
1945   No Award No Award 
1944   No Award No Award 
1943   No Award No Award 
1942   No Award  No Award 
1941   No Award  No Award 
1940   No Award  No Award 
1939    No Catalog Available No Catalog Available 
1938    No Award No Award 
1937    No Award No Award 
1936    No Award Marion Marshall Young 
1935    No Award Duke Kimbrough MaCall 
1934    No Award J. E. Rouse 
1933    Faculty Echo Medal
W. C. Nau
Bradshaw Feaster
H. L. Bonmar, Jr. 
1932    Faculty Echo Medal
Clement F. Haynesworth, Jr.
Bradshaw Feaster
No Award  
1931   Faculty Echo Medal
W. Fred Shaw
Fester General Excellence Medal
J. R. Timmerman
1930   Faculty Echo Medal
W. H. Jeffers
 Fester General Excellence Medal Bruce Thompson
1929   Faculty Echo Medal
Hermon S. Ray
Fester General Excellence Medal
C. W. Burts
1928   Faculty Echo Medal
George Southern
Fester General Excellence Medal
E. E. Allen
1927   Faculty Echo Medal
W. J. McGlothlin, Jr.
Fester General Excellence Medal
E. C. Matthews 
1926   Faculty Echo Medal
Lodwiek C. Hartley
Fester General Excellence Medal
E. H. Haddock 
1925   Faculty Echo Medal
D. F. Crosland
Fester General Excellence Medal
J. A. Taylor 
1924   Faculty Echo Medal
 Fester General Excellence Medal B. M. Gibson
1923   Faculty Echo Medal
E. R. Earle
 Fester General Excellence Medal C. J. Allen
1922   Faculty Echo Medal
C. J. Allen
 Fester General Excellence Medal H. M. Reaves
1921   Faculty Echo Medal
William Blackburn
 Fester General Excellence Medal C. B. Allen
1920   No Award Fester General Excellence Medal John L. Woodside 
1919   No Award No Award
1918   Faculty Echo Medal
E. G. Koib
No Award
1917   Faculty Echo Medal
T. C. Johnson
Fester Timmons Medal
R. L. Lawrence
1916   Not Awarded in 1916 Fester Timmons Medal
W. F. Cox
1915   Faculty Echo Medal
E. H. Henderson
Fester Timmons Medal
M. R. Mobley
1914   Watson Echo Medal
J. A. Easly, Jr.
 Fester Timmons Medal
J. A. Easly, Jr. (first year awarded)
1913    Watson Echo Medal
R. G. Lee
1912    Watson Echo Medal
A. L. Pickens

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