Curriculum Committee
Annual Report, 2003-2004

The Curriculum Committee met thirteen times during the 2003-2004 academic year and approved the following:

Special Topics (95) Courses
BA 95 Country and Regional Perspectives on Globalization
BIO 95 Genomics and Bioinformatics
BIO 95 Vertebrate Endocrinology
CHN 95 Intermediate Chinese III
CS95 3D Modeling and Animation
CS 95 Issues in Information Technology and Globalization
ECN 95 Health Economics
ECN 95 The Economics of Transition
ENG 95/REL 95 [dual listing] Literary and Theological Reflections on Vocation
HES 95 Fundamentals of Physical Rehabilitation
HST 95 Iberia and America
HST A95 The Indian Ocean: Culture and Trade
HST 95 History of Modern Britain
HST 95 Popes, Pilgrims, and Pillagers: Byzantium and the Crusades
HST 95 War and Revolution in China, 1931-1951
HST 95 Immigration in American History
HST 95 Gender in South Asia
IDS 95 Impact of Globalization on Countries in Transition
JPN 95 Intermediate Japanese III
LAT 95 Literature of the Late Republic
PHI 95 African Philosophy
PHI 95 Latin American Philosophy
PHY 95 Physics Through Inquiry
PS95 Integration and Europeanization in the Baltic Region
PS 95 Nation Building: Frameworks for Diverse Democracies
PS 95 Revolution and Democracy in the Circum-Caribbean
PSY 95 Evolutionary Psychology
PSY 95 Psychopathic Personality
PSY 95 Cognitive Development
PSY 95 Self and Identity
REL 95 Vocation, Work, and a Life of Faith
REL 95 Native American Religion
SOC 95 Cultural Sociology
SOC 95 Social Issues and Globalization
SPN 95 Twentieth Century Hispanic Poetry
SPN 95 Voices of Dissidence in Contemporary Latin American Literature and Film
SPN 95 Writing Women into Mexican History
THA 95 History of Fashion
WS 95 Women in Science

Catalogue Courses
ANT 37 Anthropology of Ethnicity
ART 50 Designing for the Web
ART 75 Studio Seminar
BA 83 Individualized Internship
CHN 23 Intermediate Chinese III
ED 43 Practicum in Teaching
EES 25 Remote Sensing of the Environment
HST A53 Travel Study in African History
JPN 23 Intermediate Japanese III
MTH 38 Combinatorics and Graph Theory
NS 85 Research in Neuroscience
NS77 Current Topics in Neuroscience
PS 32 Southern Politics
PS 58 International Law
PS 59 International Organizations
PSY 55 Perspectives on Self and Identity

Renumbered/Revised Courses

ANT 21 World Prehistory
ECN 75 Senior Seminar in Economics
HST 11 The History of the Modern Era
HST 25 Modern Latin America
IDS 59 E-Merging: Learning Technologies
MS 10 American Military History
MS 11 First Year Basic Leadership Lab, Part I
MS 12 First Year Basic Leadership Lab, Part II
MS 13 First Year Basic Leadership Lab, Part III
MS 20 National Security/Concept of Force
MS 21 Second Year Basic Leadership Lab, Part I
MS 22 Second Year Basic Leadership Lab, Part II
MS 23 Second Year Basic Leadership Lab, Part III
MS 30 Small Unit Leadership
MS 31 First Year Advanced Leadership Lab Part I
MS 32 First Year Advanced Leadership Lab Part II
MS 33 First Year Advanced Leadership Lab Part III
MS 40 Transition to Lieutenant
MS 41 Second Year Advanced Leadership Lab Part I
MS 42 Second Year Advanced Leadership Lab Part II
MS 43 Second Year Advanced Leadership Lab Part III
MTH 39 Complex Variables
PSY 25 Social Psychology        
PSY 33 Theories of Personality
PSY 32 Learning
PSY 47 Organizational Psychology
PSY 54 Behavioral Neuroscience
PSY 52 Organizational Psychology    

Members of the Committee: Danielle Vinson, chair; Brad Barron, Linda Bartlett, Bill Blaker, Marty Cook, Doug Cummins, Nelly Hecker, Tom Kazee, Betty Kelly (Library Representative), Margaret Oakes, Mike Overby (student)

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