Cultural Life Program Committee
Annual Report, 2005-2006

Cultural Life Program Committee:

Faculty and Administrative Members
: John Armstrong, Christopher Blackwell, Margaret Caterisano, Vaughn CroweTipton, Paula Gabbert (Chair), Greg Lewis, Susan Munkres, Si Pearman,

Student Members: Leah Coakley, Channing Walker (Fall/Winter Terms) Kartikeya Singh (Spring Term); Student Services Resource: Scott Derrick.

To date 210 proposals have been submitted with 187 approvals, 16 rejections, 3 withdrawals, and 4 outstanding. Of the 16 rejections, 5 were rejected because the events were to be held during class time and 7 were rejected because they were proposed within the 2 week deadline.

The committee made the following changes to the CLP conduct rules as posted on the website at These changes will take effect next year.

  • Rule #7 was changed to read: “Those who violate these rules will be asked to leave. If dismissed, an individual (or group) will not receive credit for attending the event. Any member of the faculty, administration, or university's professional staff has the authority to dismiss students who are not conducting themselves appropriately.”

The committee made the following changes to the CLP Event and Proposal guidelines as posted on the website at These changes will take effect next year.

  • Guidelines referring to admissions costs and fundraising events were discussed and changed. Guideline 3.C which reads “Events that are primarily fundraising functions” will generally not be accepted for CLP credit was removed. The last bullet item in Guideline #5 that read “Financially accessible: Sponsors of CLP events should attempt to keep admission costs for students to a minimum.” was removed. As a replacement, a new guideline was added after guideline 4 and it reads: "5. Sponsors of CLP events should attempt to keep admission costs for students to a minimum. If an event’s price for Furman students exceeds $10, sponsors should explain in their proposal the reason for the added cost. Events that seem to focus primarily on fund-raising, rather than on offering cultural content, are unlikely to be approved for CLP credit." All following guidelines will be renumbered appropriately.
  • New guideline #6 (old guideline #5) was changed to show lettered subsections rather than bullet points.
  • A typo was fixed in guideline #8 (old guideline #7) so it now reads “Off campus events may be held ONLY if sponsored by a Furman University Sponsored Organization and meet the other CLP guidelines. Organizations will provide their own staff for CLP card distribution and collection as no CLP workers will be asked to staff off campus events.”

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