Appeals Committee
Annual Report, 2006-2007

Since May 1, 2006 (the date of the last report to the faculty), the Appeals Committee has met 11 times. In that time, the committee has reviewed 74 appeals. 45 of those appeals were approved, 27 were denied, and for 2 appeals, no ruling was given by the committee.

The distribution of types of appeals (and their decisions) was as follows: 3 appeals to be readmitted to Furman after dismissal (1 approved, 2 denied), 13 reversal of suspension or dismissal appeals (4 approved, 9 denied), 17 challenges of a GER (13 approved, 3 denied, 1 not ruled on), 19 appeals of the 28-hour rule (18 approved, 1 denied), 2 appeals of the 64-hour rule (1 approved, 1 denied), 4 requests to pass/fail within major department (3 approved, 1 denied), 4 requests to pass/fail two courses during the winter term (4 denied), 4 change-of-grade appeals (4 denied), 2 appeals of the dual enrollment rule (2 approved), 4 CLP-related appeals (3 approved, 1 denied), and 2 miscellaneous appeals (1 denied, 1 not ruled on).

The committee has noted an increase in the number of students requesting an exemption to the 28-hour rule to study away their senior year. Although this may be less common under the new calendar, this policy may need to be reconsidered. The committee also noted that the policy forbidding students to pass/fail courses within the major may need to be reconsidered for students who major in a modern language (e.g., Spanish) who wish to take courses in a different modern language (e.g., German).

Respectfully submitted,

Beth Pontari (chair)
The current committee: Jan Kiely, Julian Reed, Harry Shucker, Julian Reed, Charles Tompkins, and Mark Woodard

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