Academic Advising:  Quast (Chair), Crews, Derrick, Dripps, Helms, Hestermann, Mayne, Rice      Students: Paul Aluri, Katherine Boda

Academic Calendar:  Beckford (Chair), Barron, Bechtold, M. Britt, C. Colvin, Derrick, Dorriety, Gabbert, Brad Pochard, Pollard, Quast, Summer, Triplitt, J. Wilson    Students:  Claire Chipman, James Gao

Academic Program Effectiveness:  Abernethy (Chair) Love, Peterson, D. Pierce, M. Pierce, W. Thomas, J. Wheeler.  Student: Nathan Thompson

Athletics:  B. Pierce (Chair), Bartlett, Brinkman (Resource), R. Carson (Resource), G. Clark, (ex-officio), M. Cook, Gabbert (ex-officio), Foltz (Resource), Rall, Roberson, Summers   Students: Christina Dirosmond, Andrew Phillips

Awards and Financial Aid:  Gabbert (Chair), Brinkman, M. Cook, Hutton, Merkt, B. Pierce, Brad Pochard, F. Stuart     Student: Deanne Heine

Catalogue:  Barron (Co-Chair), Gabbert (Co-Chair), Beckford, M. Pierce

Center for Teaching and Learning Advisory Council:  Bibb (Chair), Brodeur, Buchmueller, Dunnavant, Fairbairn, Kolb, Liao, Lipscomb, Pecoy, Shackelford   Student: Maddison Hall

Diversity:   TBD     

Employee Benefits:  Barkett (Chair), Beckford, Benson, A. Blackwell, A. Caterisano, Derrick, Duke, Goess, Nix, Roberson, Sides, G. Williams 

Faculty Development:   Haney (Chair), Azar, Bessy, Hahn, Hansen, Hutson,  Love.

Furman Advantage:   Fehler (Chair), Aarnes, Fleming, Floyd, Horhota, G. Lewis, O'Rourke, Petty, Watson, Zeiger 

Graduate Awards:   Henderson (Chair), Cass, Nair, Pate, Pollard, Simmons

Honorary Degrees and Citations:   D. Gordon (Chair), Abernethy, B. Allen, Beckford, Einstein, Kohrt (ex-officio), B. Pierce, Prince, Vecchio, L. Wright

Humanities Development Fund:  Oakes (Chair), Hansen, Lisa Knight, Leen, O'Rourke, Rasch, Stone

LGBT:   Hausmann (Chair), Glenn, Henderson, S. Johnson, Radel, Sneed       Students: Brittany Baker, Mary Catherine Wilder, Eli Washington

Religious Activities:   Bibb (Chair), E. Anderson, Bost, C. Carson, CroweTipton, J. Harris, Quast, G. Schoonmaker, H. Turner   Student:  Natalie Terlitsky

Retention Committee:  Cassidy (Co-Chair), Gabbert (Co-Chair), Glenn, Hutton, D. Pierce, M. Pierce, Quast   Students:  Will Besley, Katherine Martin

Special Convocations:   M. Cook (Chair), C. Alexander, Barron, Beckford, Cox, Derrick, Feigenbaum, J. Harris, Law, P. Lewis, Miller, D. Pierce, Ponder, Saccebtum Soear, Triplitt, Warth   Student:  Brian Boda

Staff Advisory:   Brianne Pochard (Chair), Andrews, Barkett (Resource), A. Blackwell, Bray, J. Brown, C. Burton, N. Cooper, S. Cooper, Davis, Gary, Gifford, Hammer, McCrary, McFadden, Pinson, Revis, Roberts (ex-officio), Sides, Y. Williams, Winchester

Title IX:   Barkett (Chair), Elaine Baker, Brinkman, C. Carson, Cassidy, K. Davis, Enter, Gabbert, Glenn, Littlejohn, Malkewicz, Parris, Shackelford

Teacher Education:   Hecker (Chair), Childree, D'Amato, Henderson, Hicken, Knouse, Menzer, Pollarad, Sherard, Strobel, Terry, J. Wheeler    Student: Landi Tripp

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