Academic Policies Committee
Minutes - January 25, 2008

Present: Ken Abernethy, Tom Kazee, Linda Bartlett, Kristy McNamara, John Harris, Doug Cummins, Robin Visel (recorder)

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 pm

The corrected Minutes for January 11, 2008 were approved

APC approved the following course proposals pre-evaluated by subgroups for CGA and Concentration credits:

Evaluated by Group 1
BIO 95: Freshwater Ecology -- for ES Concentration
BIO 102: Environmental Biology -- for NW, HNE, and ES
HST 201: The Fall of Rome -- for AGRS
HST 260: Courtiers and Warriors: Narratives of Japan -- for WGS
REL 110: Dimensions of Religion -- for UQ
REL 111: The Bible and Ultimate Questions -- for UQ
REL 112: From Jerusalem to the World: Intro to Religion -- for UQ
REL 343: Liberation Theologies -- for UQ
REL 363: Religion and Sexuality -- for UQ and WGS.
SPN 340: Foreign Study in Span-Amer Lit -- for TA
SPN 350: Foreign Studies in Span-Amer Culture -- for LAS and WC

Evaluated by Group 2 -- All for TA
ENG 203: American Passages
ENG 304: Restoration and 18th C Eng Lit
ENG 324: Women of Restoration Theater (and for WGS)
ENG 405: Studies in Gothic Lit (WGS version)
ENG 425: 18th C Lit of Travel
ENG 453: African-Amer Lit (and for BCA)
ENG 454: Caribbean Lit and Cultures (and for BCA)
ENG 457: African-Amer Drama (and for BCA)
FR 310: Travel Study in 20th C Fr Drama
FR 411: Lit of the Enlightenment
GER 336: The German Fairy Tale
GRK 210: The Greek New Testament (and for AGRS)
APC noted that the description for ENG 457: African-Amer Drama allows for it to be taught by BCA faculty in other departments. We decided to approve the course, assuming that Dr. Chevalier would agree to remove the language about other instructors. APC decided that if a course approved for CGA credit is taught by a professor other than the originator, the original CGA description should be followed. APC will put this issue on our agenda for a future meeting, with the goal of creating guidelines for faculty teaching courses that they did not originally propose. 

Evaluated by Group 3 
GRK 111: Elem Greek I -- for FL
GRK 120:  Elem Greek II -- for FL
GRK 201: Intermediate Greek -- for FL and AGRS
JPN 266: Japanese Lang. House II  -- for WC:
LAT 111: Elem Latin I -- for FL
LAT 112: Elem Latin II -- for FL
LAT 115: Intensive Elem Latin -- for FL
LAT 202: Intermediate Latin II -- for FL and AGRS
PS 47: Politics of Asia -- for WC
REL 95: Jews and Christians under Empire -- for AGRS

Evaluated by Group 4 
GRK 233: Greek Prose -- for AGRS and TA
HST: Byzantine Empire & Islam 95 -- for AGRS
JPN 235: Classical Japanese Lit -- for TA and WC
JPN 245: Modern Japanese Lit -- for TA and WC
LAT 231: Lit of Roman Republic -- for TA and AGRS
LAT 232: Lit of Augustan Age -- for TA and AGRS
LAT 233: Lit of Roman Empire -- for TA and AGRS
LAT 234: Lit of Late Antique and Med. Period -- for TA and AGRS
LAT 235: Studies in Adv. Latin -- for TA and AGRS
MLL 120: Reading Lit in Translation -- for TA
MLL 245: African Lit -- for TA and WC
The committee approved the following 9 FYS/W proposals with no CGA or Concentration requests:
FYS: Vocation, Integrity, and the Ethics of Ambition
FYS: A Woman’s Place: Balancing Work and Family
FYS: Media, Art, and Terrorism
FYS: Science Fiction: Approaches to Reality
FYS: Religion and Popular Culture
FYW: The Wealth of Nations
FYW: Addiction and Recovery in American Culture
FYW: Contemporary American Popular Culture
FYW: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire: the Sport of Cheating

The committee approved the following FYS/W proposals for Historical Analysis:
FYS: Greece and Japan: Connections and Comparisons (and for WC and AGRS)
FYS: Marie Antoinette: Bad Queen or Bad Press?
FYS: Furman University and the World
FYW: Sugar and Spice (and for WC)
FYW: Geisha and Samurai: Gender, Orientalism, Japan (and for WC and WGS)

The following proposal was sent back to the proposer for further information in answer to the last HA question: FYW: Hunting Witches in Early Modern Europe

The committee approved the following FYS/W proposals for Natural World:
FYS: Introducing Quantum Mechanics
FYS: The Energy Future of America
FYW: Disease and Culture: How Disease Transforms Us

The committee approved the following FYS/W proposals for Ultimate Questions
FYS: Death and the Afterlife in Asian Religions (and for WC)
FYS: Paradise Lost: Milton’s Great Heresy?

The following proposal was sent back to the proposer to request more information about its “relation to the transcendent”:  FYW: University and Social Justice.

The committee approved the following FYS/W proposals for Analysis of Text:
FYS: Spectacular Imaginings
FYS: Urban Legends and Country Places
FYS: Sublime Intoxication
FYS: Making Character: The Bildungsroman
FYS: Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem
FYW: Bodies, Souls, Machines
FYW: Exploring Politics through Literature
FYW: Language, Argument, and Culture
FYW: Haunted Mansions
FYW: Copyright, Copywrong: Copyright Law under Attack
FYW: Beauty and Its Discontents
FYW: Iconic Events: Easter 1916

The committee approved the following FYS/W proposals for Humans and Their Natural Environment:
FYS: Sustainability of Natural Resources
FYW: Global Climate Change: Fact, Fiction, or Fantasy? (and for NW)
FYW: To Walk the Land
FYW: What to Eat? Social  Implications of Food and Farming (and ES)

The committee approved the following FYS/W proposals for World Cultures:
FYS: Curses, Cures and Clinics: A Global Health Seminar
FYW: Freedom from Oppression: Human Rights in Asia

The following proposal was sent back to the proposer requesting more detailed answers to the CGA: WC questions: FYS: Global and Green Computing

The committee decided to consider at a subsequent meeting the following course for Empirical: Human Behavior: FYW: Who Speaks Bad English? Language and Ideology (and for ESOL)

The committee decided to consider at a subsequent meeting the following course proposed for FYS and Foreign Language credit: FYS: French Theater of the Absurd. APC discussed the feasibility and implications of a course to be taught in French and will seek further information from the Registrar.

The committee approved the following course for FYS and Natural World: FYS Humans, Physics and the Natural Universe.

In connection with the FYW proposals, APC has requested that the FYS committee generate a list of guidelines for the writing requirement in order to ensure that the instructors share common goals and basic requirements. .

The committee considered three proposed policy changes (Academic Probation, Attendance, and Leave of Absence) from Dean Linda Bartlett.  The policy changes were approved.

The meeting adjourned at 5:00.  The next meeting will be on Feb. 8.

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