APC Meeting - Minutes
 April 22, 2008


Present: Ken Abernethy, Doug Cummins, Robin Visel, Kristy Maher (recording), John Beckford, John Harris, Linda Bartlett, Brad Barron, Emily Wilson, Julianna Batterfield.

The meeting began at 3:00 PM.

The minutes for March 25, 2008 meeting were approved.

The committee considered additional information provided for COM 460: Communication Ethics and approved it for Ultimate Questions credit.

The committee considered additional information provided for FYW: Who Speaks Bad English? Language and Ideology, 5 voted in favor of approving and 4 opposed. The course was approved for Empirical Studies: Human Behavior credit.

The committee approved the following courses:
FYW – The Great War (for TA)
FYW – Jules Verne (for TA)
FYW – Apocalypse and Unrest (for TA)
FYS – Life as Connection (for WC and UQ – with the provision that he responds more thoroughly to the first question related to UQ)
FYS – Reading Arabia (for WC)

The committee asked for further information regarding the first question for TA (regarding theories of interpretation of texts) for FYS – Reading Arabia. 

The committee had additional questions regarding the proposal for a Concentration in Poverty Studies. Specifically, Ken Abernethy will ask John Shelley about the role of PVS 102, how the internship requirement works, and why a political science or economic classes are required but sociology is not included as an option for this requirement (i.e. what is the goal of this requirement? Is it a social science requirement?).

The committee recommended changes to policy 190.3 Appeals Committee Operating Procedures based on concerns about potential conflicts of interest (specifically, regarding ADA requirements). (See attached proposed amended policy 190.3).

The committee reviewed policy 120.2 Student Absences from Class and made no changes. The policy will be sent to Policy and Procedure.

The committee reviewed policy 109.2 – Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Courses. We will alert Policies and Procedures regarding guideline C3 (a determination needs to be made as to whether this is the responsibility of the Provost or Vice President and Dean).

The committee discussed the Pass/Fail survey results and decided to discuss this further at the next meeting.


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