Academic Policies Committee

Minutes of meeting, September 18, 2007

APC met from 3:00 to 5:00 on Tuesday September 18, 2007. 

Present were: Ken Abernethy, Doug Cummins, Robin Visel, Tom Kazee, Linda Bartlett, John Harris, Ben Able (student), Brad Barron, Dan Koppleman, Kristy Maher.

  1. The issue of how course descriptions of courses should reflect the CGA credit awarded was discussed.  It was decided that APC would handle this on a case-by-case basis, with special focus on those courses whose subject matter might not be an obvious and natural fit with a category.  In these cases, we will work with the course proposer(s) to insert language in the course description that reflects some rationale for the CGA credit to be awarded.
  2. The issue of making enough information available to the faculty to enable them to make better-informed decisions about CGA credits was discussed.  It was decided that the chair would consult with Kevin Treu to arrange to make course proposals available within the CPS to all faculty, once APC has voted to recommend them, and at least 7 days prior to the faculty meeting during which they will be presented for consideration.
  3. The course EES21: Environmental Science was approved for recommendation for both Global Awareness: Humans and their Natural World and Core: Empirical: Natural World credits.
  4. The following courses were approved for Textual Analysis credit:
    1. ENG302: Literature of Early Modern Britain
    2. ENG311: Settling: Writing of English America to 1830
    3. ENG403: Faulkner
    4. ENG404: Major Figures in Early Modern British Literature
    5. ENG415: Studies in Contemporary American Literature
    6. ENG423: Literature of the Irish Renaissance
    7. ENG451: Film Analysis
    8. ENG455: Interpretive Issues in Early Modern Literature
    9. ENG471: South Asian Cultural Studies: Literature and Film
    10. French 333: French Literature and Civilization III


  1. It was agreed that each of the following courses would be referred back to the proposer(s) for additional information as indicated:
    1. ENG422: Literature of the South (for Textual Analysis credit) for more information in response to the 2nd CGA question.
    2. ENG461: Critical and Cultural Theory (for Textual Analysis credit) for more information in response to the 1st CGA question.
    3. ENG471: South Asian Cultural Studies: Literature and Film (for World Cultures credit) for more information on both CGA questions.
    4. MLL 415: French Romanticism for more detail and examples on the 2nd CGA question.
  1. HST95: Byzantine History, 50-1500 was approved for recommendation for Ancient Greek and Roman Studies Concentration Credit.


Ken Abernethy
September 18, 2007

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