Academic Policies Committee
Minutes – October 30, 2007


Present:  Ken Abernethy, Brad Barron, Robin Visel, Linda Bartlett, Tom Kazee, Ben Able, John Harris (recording), Kristy Maher, Dan Koppelman, Doug Cummins

The meeting was called to order at 3:00 pm.

The minutes from the previous meeting were approved.

The committee opened a discussion as to whether or not the Pass/Fail policy should be considered by our committee at this time (this is in response to concerns raised by several faculty members over the past few months).  The committee discussed the nature of these concerns, and agreed that it was an issue that should be studied.  Recognizing the large number of things for the committee to consider in the coming months, we agreed to recommend that the Faculty Chair appoint an ad hoc committee to study this issue.

The committee discussed a proposal from the History Department --- a proposed revision to the History Major.  There was a question as to whether it was appropriate for the department to allow one First Year Seminar course to count for the major, but only if it is taught by a member of the History Department.  After some discussion, the general consensus was that it was indeed appropriate for a department to decide on its own major requirements.  The committee will recommend approval of the proposal.

The committee considered proposed modifications from the Philosophy Department.  The committee will recommend approval of the proposal.

We reconsidered proposals for ECN 242, ENG 473, SPN 445 --- these proposals had been returned for further clarification.  The committee was satisfied with the revised proposals, and it will recommend approval of each.

We considered four 95 courses that have been proposed for Asian-African credit.  The committee will recommend approval of HST 95 (Court Cultures), HST 95 (African Slavery), AS 95 (Ramayana), and REL 95 (Women/Power in Hinduism) for Asian-African credit.

The committee considered the following courses for concentration credit, and will recommend approval of each.

  1. For LAS:  SPN 405, HST 244, IDS 95
  2. For WGS:  HST 264, REL 95 (Women/Power in Hinduism)
  3. For BCA:  REL (African-American), REL (Black Liberation)

Several courses were considered for Empirical: Human Behavior credit.

  1. Regarding ECN 247, the committee would like clarification that empirical methods not only underlie the concepts of the class, but also will be prominent in the class itself.
  2. The committee will recommend approval of the following for Empirical: Human Behavior credit:  ECN 250, ECN 251 (also for World Cultures), PSY 111, PSY 225

Several courses were considered for Empirical: Natural World credit.  The committee will recommend approval of BIO 101, EES 110, and EES 111 (which will also be recommended for Humans and their Natural Environment credit).

Several courses were considered for Historical Analysis credit. 

  1. The committee will recommend approval of HST 103, HST 104, HST 121, HST 122.
  2. The committee plans to request further elaboration from the author of the HST 102 proposal.

The meeting adjourned at 5:05.



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