Academic Policies Committee
Minutes –November 6, 2007

Present:  Ken Abernethy, Robin Visel, Ben Able, Linda Bartlett, John Harris, Kristy Maher (reporting), Dan Koppelman, Doug Cummings, Dean Tom Kazee, Karin Bengtsson (guest)

The meeting was called to order at 3:15 pm (due to lack of wireless availability in normal meeting room).

The minutes from the previous meeting were approved.

The following proposals were sent back to the author for further information:
ANT 344 (World Cultures – the focus on non-Western cultures)
IDS 230 (Visual and Performing Arts)

The following proposals were recommended for approval:
World Cultures
MUS 220

Visual and Performing Arts
ART 124
ART 205
MUS 111

Analysis of Texts
ENG 301
ENG 308
ENG 313
ENG 406
ENG 424 (with correction to pre-requisite; not ENG 11)
PS 295
SPN 310 (with title change from “foreign study” to “study away”)
SPN 331 
SPN 332
SPN 411
SPN 417
SPN 420
SPN 430
SPN 460

          Empirical: Human Behavior
ECN 247

FYS and FYW proposals:
Visual and Performing Arts
FYS Aarnes – Studying Paintings with Poems

Ultimate Questions
FYS Smith – The Politics of Good and Evil
FYS Nocks – Callings: Exploration of Vocation
FYW Matthews – Martyr Tales*

The following courses were not recommended for CGA credit:
FYW Aarnes – Place, No-Place, Displaced (Ultimate Questions)

*The committee would like to seek further clarification about approval of FYW seminars and particularly, the writing component. We recommend that Ken Abernethy speak with Stan Crowe, Chair of the First Year Seminar Committee, and Shirley Ritter, Chair of Curriculum Committee about their review of the writing component of FYW seminars (specifically, what did they do to ensure that FYWs satisfy the requirements for a writing course?). FYW Matthews – Martyr Tales  will be used as an example.

Additionally, the Chair will ask Kailash Khandke and Brannon Andersen about a procedural concern to clarify whether APC must approve all First Year Seminars or only those requesting CGA credit. Specifically, is it adequate constitutionally for APC to delegate its responsibility of approving First Year Seminars to the First Year Seminar Committee?

The meeting adjourned at 5:16 PM.


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