Academic Policies Committee
Minutes - February 8, 2008


Present:  Ken Abernethy, Brad Barron, Tom Kazee, Linda Bartlett, Kristy Maher, John Harris, Elizabeth Cooke, Doug Cummins

The meeting began at 2:00 pm.

The minutes from the January 25 meeting were approved.

The committee decided to request more information from the author of the CL 211 proposal.  This proposal asks for HA credit (and also for AGRS), and the committee would like more information as to how the course will handle methods of historiography (for instance, competing theories).

There was concern regarding the ENG 434 proposal.  The committee was in favor of WC credit for this course, but felt that it did not sufficiently meet the requirements for HA credit.  One concern was that the list of references did not include historical sources.  The committee voted to reject the request for HA credit.

The committee voted to request elaboration on the responses in the following proposals:
REL ???: History of Western European Christianity 400-1300 (for HA)
REL ???: Hist. of W. European Christianity 1300-1650 (for HA)

The committee felt that the COM 121 and COM 221 proposals do not sufficiently meet the requirements for VPA credit, and they voted to reject the request for such credit.

The committee felt that the COM 335 proposal did not sufficiently meet the requirements for WC credit, and they voted to reject the request for such credit. 

Regarding the COM 460 proposal, the committee is divided as to how the course will emphasize the relationship of the individual to the transcendent.  The committee will seek clarification on this.

Regarding the PSY 37 proposal, the committee voted to reject the request for Body/Mind credit.  This vote was not unanimous.

The committee recommends approval of the following proposals for the credit indicated.
ANT 211: Mayan Archaeology (for LAS, HA, and WC)
ART 111:  Visual Language I (for VPA)
ART 207: Printmaking I (VPA)
ART 230: Arts of Ancient Word I (for AGRS)
ART 236: Baroque and Rococo Art (for VPA)
ART 250: Modern Art, 1800-1960 (VPA)
BA 312: The Sustainable Corporation (for ES and HNE)
HST 101: Ancient Europe and the Mediterranean (for AGRS and HA)
HST 102: Medieval Europe, c. 500 – c. 1450 (for HA)
COM 301: Rhetorical Criticism (for AT)
COM 311: Rhetoric in the Ancient World (for AT and AGRS)
COM 312: Rhetoric in the Modern World (for AT)
COM 316: US Public Address, 1866-Present (for AT)
COM 411: African American Rhetoric (for AT)
COM 412: International Women’s Rhetoric (for WGS and WC)
COM 414: Rhetoric of Emerging Democracies (for WC)
ENG 250: Interpretative Strategies (for AT)
ENG 434: Postcolonialisms: Theory and Praxis (for WC)
HST 141: Colonial Latin America (for LAS, HA, and WC)
HST 142: Modern Latin America (for LAS, HA, and WC)
HST 145: History of Africa (for HA and WC)
HST 155: Ancient and Early South Asia (for HA and WC)
HST 156: Modern South Asia (for HA and WC)
HST 160: Ancient and Early Japan (for HA and WC)
HST 161: Modern Japan (for HA and WC)
HST 165: Ancient and Imperial China (for HA and WC)
HST 166: Modern China (for HA and WC)
FR XXX: History of France (for HA)
PSY 201: Research Methods and Statistics (for Empirical)
REL 226: Native American Religions (for UQ and WC)
REL 251: Religion in America (for HA)
HST 351: Travel Study in Africa (HA and WC)
HST 352: Travel Study in Latin America (HA and WC)
COM 331: Media History (HA)

The committee discussed a request from Lynne Schackelford to consider the question as to whether the pass/fail option can be used for May Experience courses.  In the near future, APC plans to conduct a serious study of the pass/fail issue in general, and at this point the committee prefers to let the default (allowing pass/fail) remain in place.  The issue will be considered again, as part of the broader study.

The meeting adjourned at 4:45 pm.

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