APC Meeting minutes
 April 29, 2008

Present: John Beckford, Brad Barron, Doug Cummins, John Harris, Ken Abernethy, Emily Wilson, Kristy Maher, Linda Bartlett, Robin Visel (recorder)

The meeting began at 3:05. 

  1. The committee approved the Minutes of the April 22, 2008 Meeting.   
  2. FYS: Reading Arabia was approved via email for Analysis of Texts and World Cultures credits  and FYS: Life as CONNECTION was approved via email for UQ and World Cultures credits.
  3.  FYW: Turbans and Veils was approvedfor WGS credit (We previously approved it for Analysis of Text and World Cultures).    
  4. SOC 380 was approved for ES: HB and WC credits. 

5)  The committee considered the proposal for a Concentration in Film Studies.  We noted that concentrations require a student to take courses from at least three different departments. The committee provisionally changed the language of the proposal to reflect this requirement (“Courses must be chosen from no fewer than three departments,” p. 6). The committee decided at a future date to reconsider the wording of the policy on concentrations to define “department” as “discipline” for the purposes of a concentration (e.g. Film Studies or WGS as analogous to English or MLL). APC also suggested that the proposers remove the sentence beginning, “We also hope to secure major credit . . .” (p. 9).  The committee eliminated the reference to ANT 204 being listed under Sociology, which is incorrect. The committee wondered how many of the new courses for the concentration have been approved and whether the MLL courses will require foreign language proficiency.  The ENG 11 courses listed will be obsolete, unless they are to be replaced by new FYS and FYW courses. We discussed the question of whether there are enough courses available at this point for the number of students who might be expected to concentrate.  APC vote was 4 in favor and 4 opposed to approval. The committee wants the proposers to make the corrections listed above and to provide assurances that students will have reasonable access to the diversity of courses required. APC is positive about the concept of a Film Studies concentration and will welcome a new proposal in 2008-09. 
6)  The committee considered the proposal for a Concentration in Poverty Studies, having received some clarifications from the proposers. APC approved the concentration with the omission of PVS 102 (which is still under consideration by the Curriculum Committee). 
7) The proposed changes in the ART department requirements were approved.  
8)  The proposed changes to Policy 220.1 were approved. 
9) The committee decided to consider the following proposals for appropriate credits via email by Friday 5/2:  ANT 303, PS 222, PS 225, PSY ?? (Psychology of Aging), ENG 335, FYW Winter …, FYW Dragons …, FYS Shakespeare …, and FYS Comedy …
10) The committee returned to discussion of the pass/fail issue based on the two hypothetical options offered by Ken Abernethy.  APC decided that there is not enough time to put a proposal on the agenda for a vote at the May faculty meeting, but would like to present a report on the faculty survey of pass/fail with possible recommendations to the faculty before the end of the academic year. This would give next year’s APC and faculty some information and ideas to consider.  The committee agreed to meet later in May to formulate a white paper.  Ken will contact the APC members to finalize a time for this meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:45.

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