Academic Policies Committee
Annual Report, 2006-2007

During the 2006-2007 academic year the Academic Policies Committee met 12 times. The committee reviewed a number of policies for changes relative to the new curriculum and calendar, as well as ongoing additional policy matters. The committee also received approximately 200 course proposals for various CGA and Concentration credits and three major requirements revision proposals.

The committee submitted informational reports of its studies of: 1) the awarding of AP/IB credits, 2) the proposed meeting times schema for the new calendar, 3) a new registration system, 4) a new freshmen and transfer student advising system, and 5) a clarification of the language and intent of the CRC document on the foreign language requirements.

Policies 109.4, 120.2, 121.5, 183.1 were reviewed and some editorial changes were made to accommodate the new calendar. None of these needed further action by P&P or the faculty. The committee endorsed a modified Calendar Policy to advise the Administrative Calendar Committee to the Policies and Procedures Committee. The committee endorsed Policy 190.7: First Year Seminar Oversight Committee Operating Procedures to the Policies and Procedures Committee.

Recommendations were made to the faculty on: 1) modifying the CLP Policy for the new calendar -- based on the Report of the Ad Hoc CLP Committee, 2) modifications to the overload policy in the new calendar, and 3) a policy addressing transition issues for students matriculating before fall of 2008 -- based on recommendations of the ITF Steering Committee.

The committee reviewed and recommended approval to the faculty approximately 175 courses for CGA and Concentration credits. The committee also reviewed and recommended to the faculty the approval of changes to the degree requirements for the German, Sociology, and Theatre Arts majors.

The chair expresses his sincere appreciation to all of the committee members for their diligent work during the year and to Kevin Treu for his outstanding work on the Course Proposal System which has greatly facilitated the committee’s work during the year.

Ken Abernethy (Chair), Computer Science
Don Aiesi, Political Science
Dan Koppleman, Music
Anne Leen, Classics
Tim Patrick, Health and Exercise Science
John Snyder, Biology (and liaison with Curriculum)
Elizabeth Crockett, Student
Brad Barron, Associate Dean for Academic Records
Linda Bartlett, Acting Vice-President for Academic Affairs and Dean (and Associate Academic Dean) 
Si Pearman, Acting Associate Academic Dean (and Assistant Academic Dean)


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