Academic Policies Committee
Annual Report. 2004-05

The Academic Policies Committee met numerous times during the 2004-05 academic year.  The following business was accomplished.

Seventeen courses received committee approval to forward to the faculty, being either for Asian-African, upper-division Humanities GER, or concentration credit:  (the specific name and number of each course can be gotten from the minutes of the faculty meetings)

The following policies were discussed and brought to the floor of the faculty for approval:

Policy 123.1,  Grading
Policy 183.1 Grade change by Instructor

The following policy was acted upon:
Policy 127.8, Student-Faculty Academic Relationships (was dispersed into existing policies)

The following policies were debated by APC and returned to Policies and Procedures (or other committees) to be brought before the faculty for approval:

121.5 Academic Integrity
187.8 Faculty Roll Books (now called Record of Grades)
190.6 Academic Disciplines Committee Operating Procedures

The following policies were discussed and returned to the originator for further review.

    109.4  Experiential Learning

A policy statement on Transfer Credit was approved and is scheduled to be presented to the faculty for the May 2005 meeting.

The following changes were approved relating to majors and concentrations:
Approval of revisions to Political Science major.

Approval of changes to Computing-Business major, including name change to Information Technology major.

Approval of name change for Concentration, from Womens’ Studies to Women’s and Gender Studies.

Approval of new major in Classics Department, namely a Classics Major.  This is a new major in addition to the existing two offered by the department, Greek Major & Latin Major.

Change of name for Concentration from Classical Studies to ‘Ancient Greek and Roman Studies Concentration’.

We stand ready to receive any proposals from the CRC.

The Chair wishes to thank the following members for their hard work and wise comments over the course of the year:

Amer Ahmed (student rep.)
Brad Barron (administrator)
Linda Bartlett (assoc. dean)
John Beckford
Matt Feigenbaum
Shuta Harmon (student rep.)
Kailash Khandke
Tom Kazee (dean)
Anne Leen
John Snyder

Respectfully submitted,

David Spear
Chair, Academic Policies Committee
History Dept.

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