2:30 p.m. to 3:50 p.m.

  • Biology

      Patrick Lecture Hall, TSC 126

      Presentations of Research in Biology
      Moderator: Bill Blaker

      Jesse Wood
      A multi-scale analysis of the effects of local- and landscape-level habitat variables on avian cavity-nesting species abundance
      Tori Brenner
      Time away from nest as an indicator of habitat quality
      Rachel McAlister
      Intraspecific Variation in Ni hyperaccumulation in Populations of Psychotria grandis from Serpentine and Nonserpentine Soils of Puerto Rico
      Scarlet Sellers
      Activity and Predation Patterns among Puma, Deer, and Elk: Variance in Lunar Illumination

  • Business and Accounting

      Hipp Hall 104

      Corporate Strategic Assessments from the Business Block
      Moderator: Kirk Karwan

      Students enrolled in the Spring 2014 Business Block

      Safeway, Nike, Tractor Supply, TJX (TJ Maxx), Sony, Whirlpool

  • Classics

      Riley 106

      Sacred Scripts: The Archaeology of Biblical Manuscripts
      Moderator: Chris Blackwell

      Elias Eells, Christine Gwinn, Sam Hill, Laura Krueger
      A presentation of ongoing research on three biblical manuscripts: the 8th Century St. Chad Gospels (Latin), the 10th Century Codex Bodmer 25 (Greek), and the 14th Century Wycliffe New Testament (English). Members of the Furman University Manuscripts Club will introduce these documents, and discuss their collaborative work in documenting their contents using state-of-the-art information technologies. This presentation should be interesting to students of religion, history, art history, languages and computer science.

  • Economics

      Hipp Hall 204

      Adopt an Aid Agency
      Moderator: Nathan Cook

      Students from FYW: Can the West Save the Rest

  • English

      Furman Hall 106

      Gender Relations Across Cultures: Misconceptions and Misunderstandings
      Moderator: Karni Bhati

      Maggie Austin
      Recognizing the Fire in the Subaltern East
      Stephanie Grah
      The Double Oppression of Algerian Women
      Alexandra Harris
      Religious and Secular Conceptions of Body and Sexuality
      Alison Moran
      Desire, Knowledge, and Ignorance in Heart of Darkness

  • Health Science

      Molnar Lab (at PAC)

      Physiological Applications of Electrocardiography
      Moderator: Tim Patrick

      Thomas Lindsey

  • Health Sciences

      PAC 116

      Research and Internships in Health Sciences
      Moderator: Bill Pierce

      Nathan Klabunde, Annelise Weir, Caitlin Shelton, Suzanne Howell, Emma Williams
      Strategies for Preventing and Reducing Chronic Disease in the Furman Community
      Grant Cox
      Internship: Medi-Weightloss Clinic
      Christianna Novakovic
      Hospital Administration Internship
      Caitlin Shelton
      Internship: Christ Church Episcopal

  • History

      Furman Hall 107

      Moderator: Tim Fehler

      Maria Mayo
      Guerilla Leaders' Memories of the Civil War in El Salvador
      Julia Pafford
      Upcountry History Museum
      Caroline Sistare
      Jacksonville Historical Society
      Maryellen Widmer
      Middleton Place
      Katie Martin
      Vanderbilt University History Research
      Peter Ramig
      Senator Ron Wyden
      Nathan Koverman
      McCelvey Center

  • Interdisciplinary

      Johns Hall 107

      Interdisciplinary Research and Internships
      Moderator: Liz Smith

      Luke Christie
      "Whose Job Is It Anyway? The Place of Public Engagement in the Liberal Arts."
      Heather Ayer
      Securing Socio-Economic Sustainability: Gender Roles in Pearl Oyster Shell Jewelry Making on Zanzibar Island, Tanzania
      Amy Boyter
      "What about Buddhism?! In Tokyo Story, The Funeral, and Departures."
      Allison Davey
      High School Athletic Participation and College Success
      Rebecca McDaniel
      Audience Environmental Awareness at Performances of Inuksuit

  • Modern Languages and Literatures

      McEachern, Furman Hall 214

      MLL Video Contest Live Vote
      Moderator: Sachi Schmidt Hori

  • Music

      Daniel Recital Hall, Daniel Music Building

      Furman Composers Forum
      Moderator: Daniel Koppelman

      James Masanotti, Holt McCarkey, Philip Reed, Stephanie Simon
      New music by Furman composers will be performed in open forum. A short question/answer period will follow.

  • Political Science

      Johns Hall 109

      Research in International Relations & American Politics
      Moderator: David Fleming

      Elizabeth Bundy
      The effect of censorship on views of the media
      Richlee Gordon
      A comparison of global views on environmental policy
      Catherine Hinshaw
      Compatibility of Islam and democracy: What do people think?
      Kayla A. Hirsch
      Political participation as influenced by political systems
      Nathan Thompson
      Same-sex marriage and religious attendance: a relationship
      Eva Estrada
      The relationship between gun restriction policies and gun violence

  • Psychology

      Johns Hall 201

      Beyond Furman: Psychology Internships
      Moderator: Michelle Horhota

      Greg Kuras
      "Sport and Exercise Psychology Research at Purdue University"
      Heather Erdmann
      "StoreySmith Pediatric Clinic: Learning the Art and Science of Goal-Directed Play"
      India Robinson
      "Disaster Case Management: Addressing the emotional, economic, and everyday needs of natural disaster victims"
      Chandler Ballbach
      "Mental Health America CRISISline"
      Amanda Sullivan
      "Children's Attention Home Social Work Internship"
      Catherine Circeo
      "Pre-Health Service Learning Internship at A Helping Hand."

  • Riley Institute/Economics

      Hipp Hall 102

      Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Conference Report and Informatoin Session
      Moderator: Cleve Fraser

      Brian Boda, Katie Lowery, Emily Vontsolos and Sara Kerrigan
      Come learn about the students' experience at the 2013 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Conference in Bali, Indonesia. Information and applications for the 2014 APEC conference, hosted in China, will also be available.

  • Sociology

      Johns Hall 105

      Public Sociology: Projects with Purpose
      Moderator:Christin Munsch

      Emily Sherman and Megan Steele
      Predictors of Childhood Poverty
      Jenna Barnett and Alexa Singer
      Crime Media and It's Influence on Viewer's Perceptions of Crminals and the Criminal Justice System
      Victor Brown, Rex Harrison, and Mary Catherine Wilder
      The Effects of Gender and Sexuality on Body Image

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