1:00 P.M. TO 2:20 P.M.

  • Asian Studies

      McEachern, Furman Hall 214

      Debunking the Myths of China: Blogs and Beyond
      Moderator: Tami Blumenfield

      Graham Dabbs, Caroline Gunter, Plicca Watt, Ben Yetman
      Pollution in China
      Ashley Cookey-Gam, Katherine Crosby, Nick Shaw
      Organic agriculture and organic food in China
      Tommy Hauver, Claire Mathon, Michael Tan
      Chinese Urbanization
      Sal Donzella, Matt Geran, Anna Lanford
      Healthcare System in China
      Chris Andrews, Catherine McNeela, Gar Tate
      Adoption in China
      Adam Becklehimer, Grace Filipski, Emily Martin, Matt Turner
      Early childhood education in China
      Marian Baker, Tom Farnish, Tyler Knauss
      Beijing Olympics: Before and After
      James Barnes, Conner Griffin, Justin Kane
      Chinese Media Censorship

  • Biology

      Patrick Lecture Hall, TSC 126

      Research in Biology
      Moderator: Dennis Haney

      Jordan Ellington
      The effect of agricultural, pastured, and forested land covers on freshwater stream fish in the Piedmont of South Carolina.
      Luke Turner
      Community structure of dragonfly assemblages and effects on parasitism rate; A test of the Dilution effect
      Andrea Binz
      Circadian Rhythms in y-H2AX Response to Temozolomide treatment of Murine Transfformed Astrocytes
      Tyler Greathouse
      Human MetapneumovirusN

  • Business and Accounting

      Hipp Hall 104

      Business and Accounting Engaged in the Community
      Moderator: Sandy Roberson

      Intermediate Accounting I Class
      Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program
      Marketing Principles Class
      Campus-based Public Service Announcement Videos
      Business Analytics Class
      Predictive Models of March Madness

  • Communication Studies

      Furman Hall 127

      Structured Internships
      Moderator: Charles DeLancey

      Brittany Bauer
      Bon Secours Wellness Arena
      Danielle Car
      Smoak Public Relations
      Ariella Comer
      Furman University Marketing and Public Relations- Community Relations
      Morgan Crego
      Erwin Penland
      MacKenzie Fanaro
      Talk Greenville
      Sarah Williams
      Infinity Marketing

  • Economics

      Hipp Hall 204

      Engaged Learning in Economics
      Moderator: Nathan Cook

      Lauren Bachman
      Peace Center Internship
      Zach Burnett
      DuFour Yachts Internship
      Katie Smithgall
      Representative Steve Daines Internship
      Kathryn Kanto
      Penobscot Management Investment Internship
      Brittany Futon and Sarah Harris
      Hollingsworth Undergraduate Research Program
      Daniel Puettte and Madelin Ward
      Hollingsworth Undergraduate Research Program

  • Education

      Hipp Hall 205

      Multicultural Inquiry (Secondary Certifiers)
      Moderator: George Lipscomb

      David Burnett and Daniel Kuzbary
      "Who Goes to Jupiter" Study on Gender Stereotypes in High School Classrooms
      Laura Klamer and Nathan Koverman
      Michelle Corey Brown and Sandra Estrada
      English Language Learners Who Struggle with Reading
      Trent McLees and Lucy Foster
      More Diverse Teaching Force
      Melissa Coleman and Ali Williams
      African-American Vernacular English

  • English

      Furman Hall 106

      Readings and Art from the Echo
      Moderator: Ashley Kinder

      Jacob Zimmerman
      "Fragments Falling"
      Jennifer Bilton
      "Paper Angels" and "Degas: Field Notes"
      Kendall Driscoll
      "Autumn Scene"
      Chrissy Reinemund
      "Aging in Seconds of Minutes of Hours"
      Kristen Murdaugh
      “Hilf…” and “Incision”
      Nick Holt
      Nathan Cox
      "The Unfortunate Death of Mr. Kingsley"

  • Health Sciences

      PAC 104

      Fit Rx/FUEL DEXA Demonstration of Body Composition and Metabolic Rate Analysis
      Moderator: Kelly Frazier

      Ellen Barr, Alex Cross, Dana Duffett, Shelby Rimmier, Molly Makela, Danielle Burt

  • Modern Languages and Literatures

      Furman Hall 229

      Issues in Contemporary Spanish Society
      Moderator: David Bost

      Megan Lee
      Becoming a Doctor in Spain
      Mel Wilcox
      The Decline in Marriage Rates Among Spaniards
      Michaela Barnett
      Community Gardens in Spain
      Kelsey Kinderknecht
      Childhood Obesity in Spain
      Sam Pasco
      Health Problems Within the Spanish Gypsy Population

  • Music

      Daniel Recital Hall

      Vincenzo Bellini Lecture-Recital
      Moderator: Tamara Matthews

      Laken Weaver, Mary McKinnis, Powers Burnette, Jessica McDowell, Carmen Beam, Henry Branson, Graham Browning, Mackenzie Crim, Katy Wilson, Vivian Tompkins, Emma Zyriek, Nicole Cocklin, Jessie Barnett, Cecilia Glenn, Matt Whitmire

      This presentation will feature music for solo voice and piano by Vincenzo Bellini, one of Italy's most noted composers of the music in the bel canto style.  Students will present musical and compositional background on the selection prior to each performance.

  • Philosophy

      Furman Hall 128

      Religion and Rejection
      Moderator: Sarah Worth

      Emery Sloan
      A Critical Analysis of the New Atheism
      Zachary Jolly
      Not Quite So Damn Radical: A Kierkegaardian Critique of Continental Philosophy of Religion

  • Political Science

      Johns Hall 109

      Research in American Politics
      Moderator: David Fleming

      Joe Fretwell
      Is the American Dream an American myth?
      Hayden Couvillion
      A comparative analysis of political ideology across cities in the American South and North
      Carsyn Ciuba
      Who's voting to legalize marijuana?
      Will White
      Airline hubs and their relationship to economic prosperity
      Hannah MacKey
      The relationship between religiosity and support for women's rights
      Sarah Dunn
      Social Media and Politics

  • Sociology

      Johns Hall 105

      Social Aspects of Health and Mental Health
      Moderator: Christin Munch

      Mary Kayla Brooks and Andrew Kraska
      Public and Private Education and Perceptions of Mental Health
      Andrew Atcher and Hope Smith
      Interracial Relationships and Mental Health
      Michaela Barnett
      Community Gardens in Spain
      Molly Gunson and Cameron Simon
      The Effects of Homosexuality on Drinking

  • Theatre


      Senior Synthesis Presentations
      Moderator: Jay Oney

      Victoria Buck
      Internship: Springer Theatre
      Victoria Buck
      Measure for Measure:  Education & Performance in the World of Theatre
      Tierney Breedlove
      Breed Love not Hate
      Callie Nestleroth
      A Career in Storytelling

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