10:30 A.M. TO 11:50 A.M.

  • Art

      Littlejohn Lecture Room, Roe Art Building

      Presentations of Work by Senior Studio Art Majors
      Moderator: Michael Brodeur

      Brigid Morrisey
      photography/computer illustration and graphic design
      Elise Wilson
      installation/social commentary
      Hilary Wilson
      repurposed furniture/photography

  • Asian Studies

      Johns Hall 107

      Divergent Development Paths: India and China Compared
      Moderator: Katherine Kaup

      Christine Gwinn
      Population Control Policies in India and China
      Rachel Meltzer
      Same Love, Different Rules: An Analysis Of The Roles of The Chinese Authoritarian Regime And The Indian Democratic Parliament On LGBT Human Rights In China and India
      Xiaoman Dong
      Visions of Communism: India and China Compared
      Emery Sloan
      Student Protest in India and China
      Yuki Wei
      Conflicts of Law in Southern China

  • Biology

      Plyler Hall 231 (Townes Science Center)

      Research in Biology
      Moderator: John Quinn

      Eileen Brown
      Norovirus Among Children With Non-Rotavirus Acute Gastroenteritis in Southern Israel (2006-2013)
      Ryan Ernstes
      Shift in Songbird Vocalizations Suggests Possible threats of Anthropogenic Noise for Human Health
      Walker Stinette
      Relationships between land cover, water chemistry, biomarkers, and fish diversity in the Piedmont region of South Carolina, USA
      Sara Prescott
      Care and Maintenance of the Animals of the Riverbanks Zoo & Garden Small Mammal Department

  • Business and Accounting

      Hipp Hall 104

      Interdisciplinary Research in Business and Accounting
      Moderator: Jeanine Stratton

      Blake Williams (BUS/ECN) and Haley Jones (SUS)
      Point of Purchase Advertising and Discriminative Stimulus Functions of Manufacturer Product Claims
      Justin RIzzi (ECN)
      Recent Federal Reserve Monetary Policy and Firm Beta Coefficients
      Mitchell Lloyd (ACC)
      Expanding Waistlines and BMI- The Elasticity of a Healthy Lifestyle: The Perverse Incentives of Medicare and Health Insurance
      Seth Saler (ECN)
      Using Business Analytics to Understand Salary Structure in Baseball
      Marybeth Snodgrass
      Improving the Numbers: Does Success in Major Sports Improve Admissions Statistics?

  • Chemistry

      Patrick Lecture Hall, TSC 126

      Research in Chemistry
      Moderator: Brian Goess

      Elyse Marder
      Separation and Detection of 19 Neurochemically Significant Biogenic Amines and Acids in Non-Mammalian Systems
      Will Netterville
      Quantifying and Characterizing the Binding of Cr(III) Diimine Coplexes with DNA Using Viscosity Titration, Spectrophotometric Titration, ITC, and Equilibrium Dialysis
      Nigel McCourry
      Characterization of an Alcohol Dehydrogenase Deoxyribozyme
      David Nicholson
      Silver Clusters and DNA Assembly
      Dena Rhinehart
      Synthesis and Biological Activity of Hibiscone C

  • Communication Studies

      Furman Hall 127

      Structured Internships
      Moderator: Charles Delancey

      Jennifer Griffeth
      Furman University Alumni Relations
      Casey Lovegrove
      Town Magazine
      Anne Murtha
      Make a Wish
      Gary Robinson
      Furman University International Management Group
      Laura Roesser
      Haro Group of Keller Williams
      Allie Simmons
      Business Black Box
      Kristin Tanabe
      Full Circle Public Relations

  • Education

      Hipp Hall 205

      Multicultural Inquiry Projects (Elementary Certifiers)
      Moderator: George Lipscomb

      Alissa Goullet and Hannah Pace
      Foster Youth
      Jamie Gougarty and Rashmi Janakiraman
      African American Boys and School
      Taylor Outen and Rachel Sease
      Child Abuse and Neglect
      Helen Reed and Ashly Skow
      Dealing with Students with Poor Hygiene in Poverty
      Ann Claiborne Ellis and Andrea Fant
      Understanding Autism in the Early Years
      Teresa Carter and Caroline Savini
      Communication with Parents of Minority and Low-Income Students
      Morgan Black, Kate Gard, and Claire Smithy
      Sexual Abuse
      Lauren Dengler, Amy McGreey, and Alyssa Cameron
      Mallory Becker, Whitney Becker, and Emily Simmons
      Ja'nice Roberts and Elizabeth Stokes
      Working with Teachers of Diverse Backgrounds
      Kajsa Nyblom and Katie Windsor
      Senior Citizens

  • English

      Furman Hall 106

      "Nonfiction Readings."
      Moderator: Joni Tevis

      Alex Barmakian
      "Pole Pole"
      Jenna Barnett
      "Heresy and Jubilee"
      Bryan Betts
      "Five Alive"
      Jennifer Bilton
      "Lessons from the Garden"
      Luke Christie
      Elizabeth Hawthorne
      "Sunshine on a Cloudy Day"
      Peter Lowrie

  • Health Sciences

      Molnar Human Performance Lab (at PAC)

      Research in ACL Rehabilitation
      Moderator: Randy Hutchinson

      Morgan Kuhar and Alexandra Sappington
      Real-time 3D Motion Visualization and Analysis of Cycling
      Annelise Weir and Livi Tant
      Measuring and Analyzing Muscle Activity using Electromyography (EMG)

  • Modern Languages and Literatures

      Furman Hall 229

      Phi Sigma Iota Senior Essay Competition
      Moderator: Marianne Bessy

      Rachel Graf
      Transcending Reality in Julio Cortázar's Short Stories
      Dylan Jarrett
      An Identity Formed in Spite of Nationality: The Development of Identity During Exile According to the Poetry of Luis Cernuda
      Jessica Chetelat
      An Empire of Letters" On the Universality of the French language in the XVIII century

  • Music

      Harper Hall, Daniel Music Building

      From Medieval Motets to Indie Pop: Topics in Musicology & Music Theory
      Moderator: Laura Kennedy

      Elizabeth Stoner
      Music and Narrative: Navigating the Landscape of a Medieval Manuscript
      Gabrielle Reardon
      Politics and Meaning in Glinka's A Life for the Tsar
      Emily Lamb
      An Analysis of Shostakovich's String Quartet No. 6 in G Major, Op. 101
      Ben Keiper
      Humanity and Nature Collide: Linear and Cyclical Perspetives of Owen Pallett's Heartland

  • Philosophy

      Furman Hall 128

      20th century worries
      Moderator: Sarah Worth

      Matthew Kearns
      Richard Rorty and Philosophy without Mirrors
      Jacob Zimmerman
      Practical Ethics in Ludwig Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations

  • Political Science

      Johns Hall 109

      Issues in Comparative Politics and Political Theory
      Moderator: Jim Guth

      Michael Scholtens
      Salafi Islamists and the Inclusion-Moderation Hypothesis
      Andrew Mueller
      German Public Opinion toward Immigrants: Disunity in the European Union?
      Caroline McNally
      The Political Implications of the Resource Curse
      Charles Brown
      Modern Liberalism in Practice: The true meaning of modern liberty and what thatmeans for representative government

  • Psychology

      Johns Hall 201

      Research in Psychology
      Moderator: Gil Einstein

      Stephanie Grah
      Effectiveness of Self-Presentational Strategies When Faced with Pleasing Multiple Audiences
      Jessica Crumley
      Older Adults' Perceptions of Effective Memory Strategies for Common Tasks Across the Lifespan
      Yayi Wang, Everly Groves, and Stephanie Lazar
      Expectations in placebo research: A meta-analysis
      Laura Ragmanauskaite
      Prospective memory: Will clues in unexpected contexts lad to spontaneous retrieval of intention?

  • Sociology

      Johns Hall 105

      Stigma and Status
      Moderator: Christin Munsch

      Emily Jeske and Shelby Price
      Gender and Attributions of Intelligence
      Haley Gilleran, Adam Lilly, and Austin List
      Perceptions of Employment Applications
      Irene Butler and Paige Fowler
      The Social Implications of Going Greek: The Influence of Sorority and Fraternity Membership on Perceptions of College Students
      Cristin Anthony, Elizabeth Smith, and Molly Widmer
      High School Type Effect on Perceptions of Success

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