Posters and Exhibits

11 A.M. to 12:30 P.M.

  • Biology
      (BIO-7) Sarah Kooy
      Internship: Cleveland Park Animal Hospital
      (BIO-8) Jenna Meredith, Megan Lee, Taylor Mitchell
      Defining the roles of calcium mobilization and protein kinase C in the initial decondensation of chromatin during T cell activation
      (BIO-9) Amber Brown, Simone Dixon
      Relative gene expression of Mortality factor 4-like 2 (morf412) and SLIT/NTRK-like family, member 4 (slitrk4) in rat Schwann cells following activation of Protease-activated Receptor-1
      (BIO-10) Dainee Gibson
      Analysis of Ecosystems Services on an Urban-Rural Gradient in Upstate South Carolina
      (BIO-11) Jacob Hanna
      Ruthenium complex KP1019 and its effects on Saccharomyces cerevisiae
      (BIO-12) Katie Durham
      Internship: Audubon Aquatics Center

  • Chemistry
      (CHM-6) Leah Pendelton
      Surface-Anchored Zwitterion Oglimers as Anti-Biofouling Coatings
      (CHM-7) Peter D. Crapps
      Synthetic Approaches to New Emissive Transition Metal Alkynyl Complexes
      (CHM-8) Xing Wei
      Characterization and Uptake Studies of Polycationic Biocides in Multipurpose Contact Lens Solution Using Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry
      (CHM-9) Cameron Hallman
      Detection of Neurotransmitters for Non-Mammalian Systems

  • Communication Studies
      (COM-3) Lena Pringle
      Internship: Joinne Ruff

  • Computer Science
      (CSC-6) Derek Nelsen
      Furman Virtual Tour: Graphics and Design Challenges
      (CSC-7) Nathan Cox
      Ray Tracing in Computer Graphics
      (CSC-8) Jon Alsip
      Microcomputers and Artificial Intelligence: Are you Smarter than a CM2?
      (CSC-9) Muiz Khan
      Goal Driven Conceptual Blending

  • Earth and Environmental Sciences
      (EES-4) Coleman Allums
      Spiritual Stewardship: Exploring Farmer Perceptions of Conservation Programs and Practices in the Upcountry of South Carolina

  • Education
      (EDU-1) Charlotte Leadem
      "Why choose science? Interviews with scientists on the origins of their interest."

  • Health Sciences
      (HSC-6) Erika Shaver
      Internship: Clemson Wellness
      (HSC-7) Lexie Lipham
      Determination of Food Desert Prevalence in Greenville County, South Carolina
      (HSC-8) Thomas Lindsey
      Furman Advantage Teaching Fellowship: Anatomy and Physiology I
      (HSC-9) Kacie Schoen and Heath Burton
      Validity of Maximal Oxygen of Two Automated Systems Using the Douglas Bag Technique

  • Mathematics
      (MTH-1) Daniel Kuzbary and Cassandra Chan
      The NFL Schedule: Investigations of the Colley Inverse
      (MTH-2) Rahul Isaac, William Lewis, and Stella Watson
      Searching for Optimal Solutions Using Ant Algorithms

  • Music
      (MUS-1) Kilely Arbo
      Internship: ZWO

  • Neuroscience
      (NSC-5) Matt Whitmire
      Sensation and Event-Based Semantic Processing Through N400 Wave ERP Analysis
      (NSC-6) Lindy Reynolds and Julia Villemuer
      Regulation of Neuronal Nicotinic B3 and GABA^B1 Subunits, and Galanin Receptor 2 During Sprouting in the Rat Septohippocampal Pathway
      (NSC-7) Sven Ivankovic
      An Assessment of Novel Cancer Treatments on Breast Cancer and Neuronal Cell Lines
      (NSC-8) Faris Amaly & Cara Lepore
      Isolation and characterization of the amphibian rem2 gene in the central nervous sysstem of the bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana): Patterns of differential expression

  • Physics
      (PHY-3) Thomas Richardson
      Novel Optical Sensors for Temperature Sensing
      (PHY-4) Victoria Strait
      The use of ACE Electron Proton, and Alpha Monitor (EPAM) Date in Severe Geomagnetic Storm Forecasting

  • Political Science
      (PSC-5) Brian Boda
      Internship: Office of the United States Trade Representative: Europe and Middle East Trade Policy
      (PSC-6) Lauren Cooley
      Internship: The Church Is Run By Sinners: Public Administration of a Religious Non-profit
      (PSC-7) Stuart Nichols
      Internship: South Carolina Democratic Party
      (PSC-8) John Doerfler
      The European Union: Theory and Practice

  • Poverty Studies
      (PVS-7) Ashley Rogers
      The Price of Minimum Wage Politics
      (PVS-8) Michele Manceor
      Parental Leave and its Effects on Families in Poverty
      (PVS-9) Charlotte Holt
      Exploring Urban Poverty in Peru: PVS Internship
      (PVS-10) Kristen Cain
      GOAT: Great Outdoor Adventure Trips (PVS Internship)
      (PVS-11) Meg Austin
      Internship: La Paz in Chattanooga

  • Psychology
      (PSY-2) Elaine Parr
      Uncertainty-Induced Anxiety in Clinical Trials: A Scenario Study
      (PSY-3) Catherine Circeo & Amanda Hock
      The Body Project 4 All Program: A Comparison of Female-Only to Co-Ed Body Image Promotion Program

  • Sociology
      (SOC-5) Lisa McLanahan
      Internship: Charlotte Stone Crabs Marketing
      (SOC-6) Natalie Terlitsky
      Internship: Operation Crossroads Africa
      (SOC-7) Emily Sherman and Megan Steele
      Predictors of Childhood Poverty
      (SOC-8) Victor Brown, Rex Harrison, and Mary Catherine Wilder
      The Effects of Gender and Sexuality on Body Image

  • Undecided
      Cameron Simon
      Internship: Hollywild

  • ​​

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