​Tuesday Track Workouts


Below is the tentative schedule for November - December 2019.  Track repeats are run each Tuesday at the Furman University Track.  Warm-up begins at the PAC at 12:00pm with repeats typically performed on the track beginning at approximately 12:15pm. 


All workouts include 5 min. of dynamic drills prior to your run; even before you start your warm-up. A description of the 5 dynamic drills is provided on page 195–199 of Train Smart, Run Forever.  After a 10 to 20 min. warm-up of easy jogging, include four repeats of 100 meters of drills and strides. After doing approximately 10 meters of high knee lifts, gradually accelerate for 80 meters until you reach approximately 90% of full speed and then decelerate over the final 10 meters. Recover for 30 seconds or less, then repeat in the opposite direction.  Repeat the same sequence substituting butt kicks for high knee lifts.  A description of these two drills is provided on pages 181-182 in Run Less, Run Faster.


Some of these workouts specify a distance to run while some of these workouts are specific durations of hard running.  For the workouts that indicate a distance (or distances), refer to the 2012 edition of Run Less, Run Faster (pages 66-70) to identify your target time for the specified distance.  For the workouts that specify a duration, run either at a perceived effort of “really hard” (heavy breathing) or refer to Appendix A in Train Smart, Run Forever (pages 221 – 227) to identify your target pace for the specified duration.


These workouts are different than those in Run Less, Run Faster, you can complete the workouts listed in the book or feel free to try these workouts.  The recovery interval (RI), which is indicated in parentheses, may be a specified timed interval or a distance that you walk/jog. 


After your repeat workout on the track, a cool down is important.  Jog slowly for 10-15 minutes.


NOTE:  the distances and times of these workouts are variable; that is intentional. Check out the workouts (distances and recovery intervals).  Hopefully these workouts will challenge you physically as well as your ability to stay focused.


5, November         1K (90 sec. RI), 2K (2 min. RI), 1K (90 sec. RI), 1K


12, November       5 x 600m (200m RI)


19, November       1 x 400m (200m RI); 3000m @ 5K race pace (400m RI); yes, that is     7.5 laps on a 400m track
  3 x 400m (200m RI); 2 x 200m (200m RI)   


26, November       1 x 4 min.; 2 x 3 min; 3 x 2 min; 1 x 4 min.; 4 x 1 min; all with
                             1 min RI (so 35 min. total)


3, December          800m (200m walk/jog RI), 1600m (400m RI), 2 x (1K [200m
                              RI]), 600m

 0, December        4 x 4 minutes (90 sec. RI); 4 x 2 minutes (45 sec. RI)


17, December        1600m @ 5K race pace (400m RI); 3 x [600m (200m RI), 200m
                              (200m RI)]         


24, December        20 x 200m @ mile race pace (200m slow jog [no walking] RI); finish
                              with four continuous laps (1600m) as follows: accelerate the
                              straightaway to a sprint, jog the bends for a total of eight

31, December        end the year with a comparison from where you are started 2019; 3
                              x 1600m (60 sec. RI)



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