Laboratory Assessments, Services and Fees

Initial Assessment Improvement Testing * Follow-up Testing **

Laboratory assessments:

FIRST® Lab (package of 4 tests listed below) $ 285 $ 195 $ 175
  • Maximal Oxygen Consumption (VO2 MAX)
$ 125 $ 90 $ 70
  • Lactate Profile (Lactate Threshold)
$ 75 $ 50 $ 50
  • Running Economy
$ 35 $ 25 $ 25
  • Body Composition (Hydrostatic or BodPod)
    $60 $40 $40
    Gait Analysis

     $100 $80

    Body Composition

    • BodPod
    $45 $30 $30
    • DEXA (with bone scan)
    $125 $100 $100
    * Repeat of test completed previously
    ** Repeat of test completed previously more than twice


    Other assessments:

    Nutritional Analysis
    (3 day assessment)
    $ 50

    Camps & Clinics

    Adult Running Retreat  Click HERE for Running Retreat

    FIRST® e-Coaching:

    Training & Coaching
    • 16-week training program

    $350; click HERE for FIRST e-coaching page

    • 12-week training program
    $270, click HERE for FIRST e-coaching page
    • Individual coaching
    $270 for first 3 months; $80 / month afterwards


    Group clinics $75 / first hour; $50 each additional hour
    Team coaching Contact the FIRST® staff for details

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