Student Groups Furman University

Whether you're looking for people with shared beliefs or you're just interested in learning about other religions and cultures, there's a group for you. Not only do our groups meet regularly for worship, discussion, and fun events, they also bring some great lecturers, conferences, and events to campus.

  • Baptist

      Baptist Collegiate Ministry: We worship together at local churches, go on mountain retreats, and attend events together on campus. Want to know what's coming up next?

      Campus Minister: Rev. Andy Cooper

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  • Buddhist

      Sangha: Sangha is Furman's Buddhist Students Association. We are here so that Buddhists of all sects can come together as a community to build new friendships and spark up conversations on Buddhist ideas and philosophies. We also hope to spread awareness of Buddhism across campus and to teach others what Buddhism is like and what we believe.

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  • Catholic

      Catholic Campus Ministry: We meet every Sunday evening for mass and once during the week for dinner and a discussion about topics related to Catholicism. You can also find us volunteering in the community. Want to learn more about us?

      Campus Minister: Fr. Patrick Tuttle

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  • Episcopal

      Canterbury: Our group is by students and for students. Once a week our peer ministers plan a dinner and fun events like DIY Advent wreaths or Saintly Trivia. They're also available during the week to chat. Ready to have some EpsicoPaladin fun? 

      Campus Minister: Rev. Rilla Holmes

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  • Hindu
  • Jewish

      Jewish Student Association (Hillel chapter): The Jewish Student Association of Furman is designed to provide all Jews and anyone curious with Judaism with the proper community and tools to flourish in upstate South Carolina. We have connections with all three of the local synagogues and many more. Along with our campus advisor we do our best to ensure proper treatment and acknowledgement towards our diverse Jewish community at Furman University.

      Jewish Advisor: Devon Anker

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  • Latter Day Saints

      Latter Day Saints Student Association: If you are a member of or have interest in learning more about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, more commonly known as the Mormon Church, join us!

  • Lutheran
  • Methodist

      Wesley Fellowship: We strive to put our faith into action through weekly meetings, guest speakers, great music, Bible study, missions, retreats, and fun group outings. Want to learn more?

      Campus Minister: Rev. Edward McCutcheon

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  • Muslim
  • Non-denominational

      Delight Ministries: We are a college women's community that grows together, serves together, learns together and does life together while chasing the heart of God. 

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      Fellowship of Christian Athletes: Not only do we meet weekly to talk about our faith, we also cheer each other on at games, go on mountain retreats, and plan other fun activities.

      Campus Minister: Ben Earle

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      Gospel Ensemble: You can find us singing gospel music in the African American tradition on campus, at local churches, and throughout the community.

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      Mere Christianity Forum: We are an organization dedicated to the thoughtful exploration of Christian faith through conversation and community. Different ways that we do this include on-campus forums and CLPs with Furman faculty and community leaders as well as several small groups, which we call Followship. You can connect with us off-campus at the Vista House, which is open for all students as a place of retreat and rest. We also host weekly Sunday night meals that are for anyone who would like to join us for fellowship and a home-cooked meal.

      Campus Minister: Rev. Rimes McElveen

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      Religious Rainbow: Religious Rainbow is focused on discussing and exploring connections between the LGBTQIA+ community and religious communities. We welcome all people, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or religious background. We are focused on building a community of students interested in exploring personal relationships both with their own identity and with religion. 

  • Non-religious

      Secular Student Alliance: Whether you consider yourself atheist, agnostic, secular humanist, questioning, or anything in between, we provide a place for non-believers to discuss, debate, and share their thoughts with one another in a safe space.

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  • Orthodox Christian
  • Outreach and service
  • Presbyterian

      We invite everyone to check out one of our weekly evening meetings and to eat with us at our weekly lunch in the Dining Hall. Want to know more? 

      Campus Minister: Erin Farry

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      Reformed University Fellowship: Join us for weekly worship, fun events, and a great community that supports you in your Furman studies.

      Campus Minister: David Ely

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