• Managing Partner, Performance Management Company

Scott has been Managing Partner of Performance Management Company since 1984. Speaking and consulting in a wide variety of organizational development engagements since 1978, he is a recognized global contributor to tools for organizational development, team building, and the improvement of people and performance in the workplace.

Scott has presented workshops and seminars in 38 countries and has published hundreds of articles in a variety of media. He has been consulting since 1978 after serving as a professor of psychology at Furman University after completing his doctorate.

His business is publishing and distributing team building game simulations and toolkits using Square Wheels cartoons, used by managers, trainers and consultants to increase organizational involvement and engagement, facilitate change and the implementation of strategies and innovation.

Dr. Simmerman has published a variety of research papers in refereed professional journals back in the 1970s. Nearly 600 blog articles on his main two blogs focused on people and performance issues. He serves as a guest blogger on a frequent basis, and has written dozens of articles and white papers on team building, organizational change, intrinsic motivation and similar.

Title Description

Information Sorting Styles for Improving Problem Solving and Communications

Each of us has preferences in how we think and handle information. These differences often lead to conflict or ineffective implementation. Use a simple model of “how people think” to improve communications and problem solving. Then, learn how to apply this same model with the work groups in your organization. This is NOT a program using one of the complicated psychological instruments. Information Sorting Styles frames up thinking into a dozen easily understood patterns that clarify differences and suggest specific frameworks for implementing improvement in the workplace.

Facilitation Skills for Managing and Leading Change and Improvement

While the vision of change generally comes from the senior management, the responsibility for the implementation depends a great deal on the managers and supervisors. This program shares a variety of approaches to improving facilitation skills for your frontline resources. We teach different approaches to managing and leading change, share different delivery frameworks, focus on problem solving, participation and involvement to generate incremental improvement. Simmerman is an experienced presenter and former senior operations manager who has presented his change programs internationally for almost 20 years. This program is highly customizable and can incorporate your missions and visions and goals into the overall teaching framework. It is NOT a lecture! It is a fun, interactive, practical and effective program for generating organizational improvement and “Teaching the Caterpillar to Fly.”

Square Wheels and The Search for The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine

This two-part program is memorable, engaging, challenging, collaborative and fun. It starts with Scott’s internationally acclaimed Square Wheels® illustrations accomplishing the goals of generating participative involvement in organizational improvement by focusing on problem solving and facilitation skills. Participants create shared goals and visions and then learn simple tools and frameworks to improve communications and shared focus. The second half of the session uses Scott’s team building simulation to demonstrate the impact of improved interdepartmental and intrateam collaboration and clearly illustrates ideas for team motivation and leadership. The debriefings of each part will be targeted to the specific desired outcomes for the group.

Engaging, participative involvement with the belief that, "Nobody ever washes a rental car" and that we all have a need to gain perspective, that being expressed as "Don't just do something, stand there!"

People learn by active involvement and participation and they change behavior only when they have considered alternatives that make more sense and that generate superior benefits.

I believe in continuous continuous improvement and excellence.

  • University Teaching Fellowship at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • a variety of board positions with training and development organizations over the past 30 years
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Iowa State University
Allegheny College

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