• Professional speaker/trainer, WorkPlay coach

Marianne Frederick received a BS from Ohio State University and a master's in health services administration from the Medical University of South Carolina. She is the president and WorkPlay coach for WorkPlay International. WorkPlay is a unique seminar and training organization focused on making learning fun. Her expertise is in using humor, laughter and a playful attitude to help people accomplish their goals. Since receiving her MHSA from the Medical University of South Carolina, she has transitioned from physical therapist to professional speaker/trainer and WorkPlay coach.

Title Description

You are the Power Behind the PowerPoint®

Technical presenters and people who have jumped on the electronic media presentations bandwagon must learn interactive ways to stay connected to their audiences. Don’t make the mistake of simply becoming the person who pushes the button to shift to the next screen. Learn to make PowerPoint® presentations that are designed to promote interactivity and interdependence with your audiences so that the technology is only part of the message. Your audience needs to remain the focal point and YOU the power behind the message.

DiversityPlay: Appreciating the Unique Talents of Your Workforce

When you focus on your employees’ unique talents and understand how gender, cultural and generational differences impact your work team, your organization can become a more powerful force in the market. You will complete an attitude assessment to increase awareness of your biases, discuss the many facets of multiculturalism and create an action plan to adapt your organizational culture to the needs of your global customers.

Generational Diversity: What You Need to Know About Motivating Today’s Workforce

Identify the generational needs of your associates to understand how and why their levels of motivation, initiative and productivity vary. In this course, you will compare and contrast the most popular theories of motivation and discuss the differing motivational needs of the four generations in the workforce.

Networking Power

Learn how great networking skills can improve your customer base, enhance your ability to build better long-term relationships and make you more valuable to any organization. This course focuses on identification of your professional strengths and how to build complementary and collaborative relationships that promote achievement of your professional dreams.

Getting to the S.O.U.L. of Customer Service

Customers of the new global business world are just like our employees. They don’t suffer in silence, are more vocal and informed and are more willing to go elsewhere if their needs and expectations are not met. Participants will engage in a “customer diversity exercise” to discover what satisfies their needs. They will discuss their own customer experiences and compare them to the needs of their customers and learn to identify the differences in customer expectations based on their unique generational, cultural and value differences.

VisionPlay: Discovering Your Organization’s Success

Identify how to create a successful collaboration between the organizational mission and the values and mission of the individual through a creative and interactive goal-setting session. Participants will discover how to facilitate learning about their associates’ values and view of work success and collaborate with other participants to share ideas and the very best practices to take back to their organizations.

How to Have Energy at the End of the Day

Laugh out loud as you learn how humor can improve productivity by impacting attitude, fatigue levels, health awareness and motivation. Participants will discuss the three benefits of integrating humor, laughter and a playful spirit into the workplace, and identify five ways to appropriately decrease the tension and fatigue impacted by desk work, keyboarding and other work activities. Participants then create an action plan to utilize positive attitudes, praise and play to improve morale, motivation and productivity.

MediHumorcine: or ‘Humor in Medicine’

Learn appropriate use of a play-filled attitude in healthcare to regain balance, enhance communication and rebound from the stress of care giving. Participants will discuss four ways that humor helps to improve communication and manage healthcare changes more effectively, and create an action plan to deal with the stress of care giving that includes finding more creativity and humor in healthcare.

TeamPlay: Developing Teams and Building Team Spirit

Learn how to help your team discover each other’s natural talents, appreciate differences and similarities and get revitalized with team spirit-building communication activities (no ropes required). Participants will take away practical tips, resources and participate in a Diversity Game and Big Five Locator to learn how to facilitate the process when they return to their own organizations.

Medical University of South Carolina
Ohio State University

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