• Director of Career Services, Furman University

John has 23 years in higher education administration and teaching. In addition to being on the faculty of Furman's Center for Corporate and Professional Development, John has been Furman's Director of Career Services since 1999. Prior to this, he was an administrator and instructor at the University of Alabama and previously spent 12 years in the corporate world in marketing and human resources management.

Title Description

Career Development—Exploring Options and Aligning Visions

Many people think of their own career development simply in terms of “What will my company do to me? Will they promote me? Will they transfer me?” In today’s world, successful professional development means more than just promotions or transfers. Meaningful professional growth can take place in a variety of ways that will enhance performance in and commitment to current positions and lead to a path of future growth, learning and adding extra value to the organization. You and your company benefit when you actively explore options for your professional growth on an ongoing basis. This workshop is designed to equip participants with the knowledge, confidence and ability to better align their personal and professional goals with the needs and goals of the organization. Participants will define and assess their skills, strengths, interests, motivators, values, priorities, perceived barriers and developmental options, strategies and goals. With this increased awareness and practical vision for the future, participants will then prepare how to effectively articulate their needs and goals to their manager with the goal of exploring developmental opportunities and producing a realistic action plan for future growth. This career-planning model extends beyond traditional performance review and offers the opportunity for both the individual and the organization to reach their full potential. It is suggested that this class be offered in conjunction with “Career Coaching Skills for Managers.”

It Takes All Types: Understanding and Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator in Your Organization

Understanding yourself and others is the first step to becoming a successful manager. This program exposes participants to the basics of personality theory and helps them understand practical application for its use. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is taken by two million people per year and is considered the world’s most effective and widely used tool for assessing personality styles and preferences. Used and studied extensively by the military, the government, educational institutions and businesses, this exciting tool unfolds for you in this dynamic and interactive session.

Career Development Coaching for Managers

Managers are responsible for valuing and developing employees. This workshop is designed to orient managers to a career development model where both managers and staff become active partners in aligning an individual’s personal and professional goals with the needs and goals of the organization. Participants will first be introduced to a self-assessment process that allows individuals to create both personal and professional development goals. Then managers will be guided in the use of basic coaching skills (listening, questioning and providing feedback) to help understand an individual employee’s needs and goals, explore developmental opportunities, and jointly create an action plan for future growth. Strategies will be discussed for how to support the personal and professional development process to maximize each employee’s value to the company and to help both the individual and organization reach their full potential.

The Ten Point Life/Work Balance Tune-up

With growing evidence that work-life balance is also linked to reduced stress, reduced absenteeism, enhanced productivity, recruitment and retention, creating an environment that allows for a healthy life and work balance is not just good conscience, it’s good business. How well is your organization addressing your employees’ needs for work-life balance? In this highly interactive session, we will explore ten straightforward tips for life/work balance from both an organizational and individual perspective. What’s working well now? What needs a tune up? How can you tweak and employ these techniques and strategies in your life and organization? Even one minor change can make a major difference in nurturing your employees and your organization. As an added benefit you may find that this balanced and healthy approach to life and work just might rub off on the people around you outside of the office too! Participants will leave with a personal action plan for implementing positive life/work balance techniques and strategies in their lives and organizations. An in-depth resource list will also be provided.

The instructional process is a collaborative relationship between the teacher and student whereby the instructor provides a facilitative environment for knowledge acquisition, intellectual stimulation and reflective thought.

  • Career Planning: A Developmental Approach (college textbook, Merrill/Prentice Hall) "High School Counselor's Knowledge of Workplace Skills Requirements," published in the Journal of Professional School Counseling.
University of Alabama
University of Alabama
University of Alabama

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